Prepare For Your JourneyEdit

In the furthest reaches of the Gaian world, an ancient demigod is in peril! Miles above the sea, a massive living island-god once floated peacefully. On it, a delicate forest ecosystem thrived and gave life to thousands of plants and creatures... until it was razed and burnt by marauding vampires!

If the demigod should die, it would cause untold environmental devastation to the Gaia world.

In a mad rush to help, you've outfitted an airship and packed it with loot: precious seeds, saplings, medical supplies and rare minerals to help heal the island-god.

Choose a Trial GuideEdit

Your guide will provide valuable advice. Beating the game with different guides will give you different event items!

IMAGE Louie Unknown-icon IMAGE Edmund Unknown-icon IMAGE Diedrich Unknown-icon

Carry more food from hunting
Slightly reduced luck

Louie is enraged that his vampire kin are causing trouble, and it's bringing out his killer instinct. He'll get you bigger bounties from hunting trips.

Pick Louie

Better crew health
Slight speed penalty

With his background in science and medicine, Edmund always keeps your crew nice and healthy.

Pick Edmund

More starting loot, lucky.
Higher food consumption

He may not be too bright, but Diedrich is a lucky little devil.

Pick Diedrich
IMAGE Sam Unknown-icon IMAGE Carl Unknown-icon Placeholder

Better ship speed
Slight health penalty

Her mechanical expertise means your vessel will always be in tip-top shape.

Pick Sam

No Advantages
Too many disadvantages

Carl will offer you no assistance, and he may become randomly enraged and harm crewmembers with his pointy antlers and razor-sharp hooves.

Pick Carl


Customize Your AirshipEdit

Your ship will carry your food, loot, and crew to the floating island. Choose one that fits your style, Captain.

Food Capacity: 750 / 500 / 1000

IMAGE Cruiser Unknown-icon IMAGE Kestrel Unknown-icon IMAGE Titan Unknown-icon

Average Speed and Cargo Hold
This well-rounded vessel maintains an adequate speed and has a medium-sized cargo hold, letting you carry a decent amount of food on long voyages.

Pick Cruiser

Fast Speed, Small Cargo Hold
This is the speediest airship on the market due to its sleek design and its small cargo hold. You'll get where you're going faster, but you can't bring as much food.

Pick Kestrel

Slow Speed, Huge Cargo Hold
This behemoth of the skies lets you carry a huge amount of food to sustain you for extended voyages. However, its massive size means it can't go very fast.

Pick Titan

Name your airship:Edit


Placeholder Title 1 Title 2


  • Auspice
  • Bounty
  • Champion
  • Clumpy
  • Hogwilde
  • Prosperity
  • Vengeancinator
  • The Auditor
  • The Dancing Queen
  • The Fiasco
  • The Thirsty Horse
  • The Vanguard
  • The Wooden Horse
  • The Wooden Whale
Title 3 Title 4 Title 5
  • Cloudblaster
  • Skyblazer
  • Treescraper
  • Windmaster
  • Gambino's Legacy
  • Gasping Beauty
  • Ol' Splinterbucket
  • Royal Biscuit
  • Chastity in the Sky
  • Doomed from the Start
  • Straight Talk Express

Pick Your CrewEdit

Guide Captain Crew
Ahoy Captain! I'm happy to be serving on so fine a ship as yours. Although by "serving" I mean "watching you work."
Who are we bringing along?
Welcome aboard your ship, Captain. My vast knowledge of Gaia is sure to help you and your crew.
Do you have a crew in mind?
Did you know I can stand on my head until my eyes feel full of blood? Yeah! Ok, bye!
Hello! Who else is coming?
I was hoping I'd get to work on one of these things! I'll keep this boat afloat, no problem!
Who else is going with us?
Carl glares at you. You get a foreboding feeling that he intends to do you harm.
Maybe you should bring a strong crew?

Unknown-icon IMAGE Avatar

First Crewmate
(default - Nick)
Second Crewmate
(default - Ernie)
Third Crewmate
(default - Filipe)
Fourth Crewmate
(default - Dave)

Buy SuppliesEdit


  • Food: 125/ 750 [-] [+]
    Cost: 100 loot for 25 pounds.
  • Ammo: 50 [-] [+]
    Cost: 500 loot for 50 rounds.
Guide Total Loot

I have your loot here - the more of this we get to the island, the better. It might come in handy on the trail, too.
Unlike us vampires, you will need food to survive. You should trade for some with your loot. Or die immediately, I have no preference.
I can kill an elk with my bare fists, but I'm not staining my cuffs on this trip. Ammo will come in handy if you want to replenish your food.


It's time to get our accounts in order, Captain. We want to get as much of this loot to the island as possible, but we also need to trade for supplies.
We'll need plenty of food to keep our bellies filled on the trail, and ammo to hunt for more when necessary.


Did you know most grunnies develop gambling problems in the first year of life? And that we're taking loot to an island? Those are facts! Bye bye!
Did you know "food" is "loot" spelled backwards! It's true, I'm sure it is! That's why trading works. Ok! See you later! Bye!
If you mix ammo into your milk it gives you better eyesight! That's why everyone buys it for hunting. Ok, bye!


Hey Cap'n, I've loaded up all the loot to take to the island, but we better trade some it for supplies.
I can run a diesel truck for six hours on a bucket of grease, but I'm not working for one minute without some kind of food on that ship.
Do it yourself is kinda my thing. How about we pick up some ammo so we can get more food on the trail?


Carl has no advice on how to manage your supplies. In fact, he's started eating them, so you'd better get what you need fast.


Review & StartEdit


Guide: Ship: Crew: Supplies:
IMAGE Sam Unknown-icon IMAGE Carl Unknown-icon Captain Username Unknown-icon LOOT: 100

Better ship speed
Slight health penalty

Her mechanical expertise means your vessel will always be in tip-top shape.

Change Guide

Average Speed and Cargo Hold
This well-rounded vessel maintains an adequate speed and has a medium-sized cargo hold, letting you carry a decent amount of food on long voyages.

Change Ship
Change Crew

Food: 225/750 Ammo: 200

Change Supplies

Start Journey

Frontier Skies HelpEdit

You're racing across the Gaia world to help save a dying island demigod. The goal is to get as much loot to the end as fast as possible. This isn't as easy as it sounds, because along the way you'll run into all sorts of trouble. Here's some basic info that'll help keep you alive:

The faster you travel, the harder your crew has to work and the more health they'll lose. Go slower, and your journey might drag on.
A healthy crew requires a lot of food, but that'll burn through your supply faster. When times are tough, you may eat less.
The easiest way to secure more food on the trail is by hunting. Some animals take more shots to bring down, but offer way more food. In some areas food as far more scarce, so you may have to settle for smaller game.
You'll need to stop and rest from time to time to regain health. The longer you rest the better you'll feel - but your crew will still need to eat every day.
As you travel across the world, you'll run into all sorts of trouble. No journey is without peril, so be prepared to deal with a lot of shenanigans and hardships. On the plus side, there are plenty of encounters that'll help you out, and some that can go either way depending on your choices.
A mixture of precious seeds, saplings, medical supplies, rare minerals and more intended to help heal the island-god. In a pinch, you can trade it for vital supplies, but you'll want to save as much as you can.
Bullets are angry creatures that live inside guns. You have a finite amount of ammo, and while you can find and trade for more along the trail, it's good to conserve it as much as possible.
Keeping your crew healthy is important, so make sure you give them proper food and rest. When a crewmember dies on the trail, you'll require less food, but everyone else will have to work harder.
If you need to take a break from the game, remember you can save and resume your progress later. Be sure to check the Frontier Skies Forum for more hints and tips from your fellow travelers!

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