Events are a Gaia Online happening involving the website.


Gaia's early events commonly involved the Gaia Forums and were holiday related. This later included uses of the World Map, Gaia Towns, and the MMO zOMG!. Participating during an event rewards users with items, site plots, and storyline updates and changes.

Many events requires some level of participation. The most minimal effort is clicking a grant link to receive an item while others involve posting in the event forum, joining a faction, playing a flash game, or visiting shopkeepers.

Types of EventsEdit

  • A Holiday Event includes events based on real-world holidays such as Christmas and Halloween.
  • Mini Event is a spontaneous happening introduced in 2009 April.
  • Gaia Anniversary, also known as a Gaiaversary, it was introduced in 2004 of February 18th.
  • Summer Event, also known as 'Summer2K', was introduced in 2004 of August.
  • Faction Event includes a species battle such as Humans, Zombies, Vampires, and Dark Elves. They were introduced in 2004 of October.
  • Corporation Event includes corporations such as G CORP, S CORP, E CORP, The Committee, and nuGen. They were introduced in 2005 of December.
  • Town Pride Event includes towns such as Aekea, Barton Town, Durem, and Isle de Gambino. They were introduced in 2004 of August.

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