Emoticon is a digital icon used on Gaia Online. These symbols serve to represent a facial expression.[1]


Emoticons are available upon creation of a thread, they are separated into the categories of Normal, Cats, Yummies, Emotions, and Gaia. Emoticons are also available in flash spaces like Gaia Towns.

Forum emoticonsEdit


Glossary emoticons - normal

:D :) :oops: T_T :stare: :XD :3nod: :big: :gonk: :scream: :vein: :sweat: :heart: :xp: :whee: :wink: :( :o :shock: :? 8) :lol: :x :P :cry: :evil: :twisted: :roll: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow: :| :mrgreen: :ninja: :cute: :rofl: :pirate: :talk2hand: :burning: :cheese: :dramallama: :wahmbulance: :emo:


Glossary emoticons - cats

:cat_biggrin: :cat_smile: :cat_oops: :cat_crying: :cat_stare: :cat_XD: :cat_3nod: :cat_big: :cat_gonk: :cat_scream: :cat_vein: :cat_sweat: :cat_xp: :cat_whee: :cat_wink: :cat_sad: :cat_aie: :cat_eek: :cat_???: :cat_cool: :cat_lol: :cat_mad: :cat_razz: :cat_cry: :cat_evil: :cat_twisted: :cat_roll: :cat_!: :cat_?: :cat_idea: :cat_arrow: :cat_neutral: :cat_mrgreen: :cat_ninja: :cat_cute: :cat_rofl: :cat_pirate: :cat_talk2hand: :cat_burning: :cat_emo:


Glossary emoticons - yummies

:burger: :cupcake: :donut: :hotdog: :onigiri: :pie: :pizza: :puddi: :strawberry: :tea: :bacon: :coldone: :icecreampie: :pumpkinpie: :salmon: :sausage: :shrimp: :strawberrypie: :tamago: :tuna: :wasabipie:


Glossary emoticons - emotions

:awesome: :dealwithit: :facepalm: :bigheart: :jawdrop: :kirakira: :omnomnom: :puke: :sweatdrop: :bigvein: :yatta: :0a0: :8c: :bandaid: :brofist: :c8: :donotwant: :dowant: :drool: :eyebrow: :hug: :zombie: :zzz:


Glossary emoticons - gaia

:angelleft: :angelright: :crown: :gaiagold: :nitemareleft: :nitemareright: :spoons: :star: :kittenstar: :diamond:

Hidden forum emotesEdit

Glossary emoticons - hidden1
fu: :mcsourface: :dealwithit: :fullmoon: :poo: :starseed:

Glossary emoticons - hidden2
diedrich: :bapecow: :northkittenstar: :jet: :reve: :bapecow: :omnomkiki: :omnomcoco: :omnomgrunny:

Towns emoticonsEdit

General town emotesEdit

Glossary emoticon - town emotes1

/wave  /laugh  /notes  /zzz  /peace  /s /r  /p

Glossary emoticon - town emotes2

/exclamation  /question or /confused  /cute  /wink  /cry  /kiss  /stare  /hug

Glossary emoticon - town emotes3

/scream  /pwn  /vein  /brokenheart  /heart  /bugeye  /sweat  /x

Glossary emoticon - town emotes4

/up  /down  /? or /help  /ninja  /huh  /domo

Hidden town emotesEdit

These are event only emotes. When the event is over they are disabled and can no longer be accessed.

Glossary emoticon - town emotes hidden

/cupidleft and /cupidright  /heartleft and /heartright

Glossary emoticon - town spin




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