Emote Masks is a set of items for male and female avatars. They are headpiece items that cover the entire head and look like the emoticons found in Gaia's forums and towns.

Durem Depot Edit

Head Edit

  • Crying Emote Mask: What's the point of being miserable if you can't show everybody how miserable you are? (150 Gold)
  • Gonk Emote Mask: An expression for those rare moments when you drop a heavy box on your toe while simultaneously walking in on your grandmother in the bathroom. (150 Gold)
  • Happy Emote Mask: You might think being happy all the time would be boring and stupid, but look at this little guy. He's happy all the time, and he looks pretty happy about it! (150 Gold)
  • Neutral Emote Mask: I'll take a plain vanilla sundae with no toppings, please. (150 Gold)
  • Ninja Emote Mask: Although ninjas actually have no emotions, this shadowy Emote Mask will grant you the cold, brutal stoicism of master assassin. (150 Gold)
  • Pirate Emote Mask: Batten down the hatches, ye scurvy scallywags; I feel pirate-like emotion a-brewin'. (150 Gold)
  • Scream Emote Mask: From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; for hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee. For some reason, I yell punctuation marks at thee! (150 Gold)
  • Shocked Emote Mask: This mask is great because it has a dual purpose. You could use it to look really shocked, but you could also use it to look like you've had your brain removed, and now you sit around all day in a bathrobe, drooling in your oatmeal and staring into space. (150 Gold)
  • Sweat Emote Mask: Uh oh, somebody forgot to study for the big test! Don't worry, I'm sure there are lots of landfills and slaughterhouses that would hire a goof-off like you. Maybe you can even get into a nice clown college, as long as they have low standards. It's not the end of the world! (150 Gold)

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