The Easter event of 2008 started March 22. It wasn't really an event, as there were no forum games, Easter egg hunt or any other form of user interaction. The only acknowledgement of the holiday were the Cash Shop items: Chicky Hoodie, Bunny Hoodies and Bun-Bun Plushies, two messages from Easter Bunny with his gift and an apology from Lanzer explaining that they were unable to create a proper event that year.

Build UpEdit

Easter Bunny started out by Private Messaging regular Gaians with the following:

Dearest friend,
You may have noticed that it's Easter... the greatest holiday in the world, if you ask me.
Some people think that bovine fatcat Santa and his hideous friend Jack are the only REAL holiday mascots on Gaia. They're forgetting one thing: the Easter Bunny. I want to make sure that I'm never forgotten again. I'm sick of being pushed aside by the philistines who demand flashy Halloween costumes and expensive X-mas presents. My holiday is just as important! I demand respect, and I'm willing to take it by force...
Heh heh... but I didn't want this to be an angry rant... no, not at all. I want to give you a joyful gift to prove my love for all of Gaia!
Please, accept this special gift! Soon, its true purpose will be revealed...
Faithfully yours,
The Easter Bunny

Please, accept this special gift! Soon, its true purpose will be revealed... was a link to receive an item, the Clock Egg, with the description A fairly well colored easter egg that seems to have a clock built into it... and its ticking!!!'


The Easter Bunny sent more Private Messages on April 1 with the following:

Dearest friend,
I hope you've been enjoying your Easter egg. With great pride and delight, I announce that it's finally time to open the egg and discover its true nature.
I ask you this favor: as you open the egg, please picture my shiny metal face. I want you to eternally remember me as the most generous, caring holiday mascot in the world.
To open your egg, visit the My Avatar panel and reequip the item... you'll notice that it has a very special new pose available!
I'll see you on the other side,
The Easter Bunny

The 'very special new pose' was titled 'Explode' and was a giant fiery explosion, confirming many speculations that the Clock Egg was a bomb.

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