Easter 2k3 began April 20, 2003.


Easter egg 2k3

Flying Easter egg

Easter 2003 was the first holiday event on Gaia Online (formerly Go-Gaia).

Event timelineEdit

  • April 20
Announcement of event


Due to Gaia Online changing address from to, any further official information is lost.

Event conclusionEdit

It is currently unknown when the event concluded.

Criticism & ComplimentsEdit

It is currently unknown how the event was received. In order to fill this section, a Gaian from 2003 would need to contribute.

Event ItemsEdit

Easter egg itemsEdit

Gaians were able to hunt for flying Easter eggs in Gaia Forums. The Pink Magical Giftbox, was also possible to earn during the event.

Easter2k3 items easteregg

  • Easter Egg - A brightly colored egg that radiates magic. Something seems to be inside...
    • Bunny Slippers - Incredibly soft slippers for casual wear. They are fashioned in the shape of cute little rabbits
    • Chicky Slippers - Feathery soft slippers shaped like adorable baby chicks. High end loafware.

Additional infoEdit


  • The Easter Egg is the second "Chance Item" to appear on Gaia, but the first to be discontinued. It is quite possible that this item is extinct as it is believed that all active users with this egg have already opened them or oldbie's have collected them with no intention to open them.

Technical issuesEdit

Site & Forum

Any technical issues are unknown.

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