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Landing page

The event involved choosing which team to support by collecting eggs. There were three items in total for each team. Also by collecting a certain amount of eggs it resulted in earning achievement badges.

  • 10 Eggs = First Item
  • 25 Eggs = Second Item
  • 50 Eggs = Achievement
  • 100 Eggs = Third Item

How to playEdit

Easter2k13 antiegg easterbunny

Easter Bunny w/egg

Easter2k13 Youreceived

You received item

The premise of the event is simple - find the eggs dropped by the NPCs and prevent your threads from being turned to the other side.

  • When you create a new thread, you must pick which side you want that thread to belong to: Cute or Anti-Cute
  • Each post made in a thread generates a chance that an NPC will either 1) Post an egg for you to collect or 2) Post a warning that the thread will be taken over
  • If a thread is at risk of being taken over, you and everyone else in the thread must band together to prevent the thread from being changed by posting X number of times in X minutes. The number and timelimit will be stated in the NPC's warning message.
  • Once a thread is taken over, it cannot be converted back so you have to act fast to save a thread if you want to keep it on that side (don't post if you want it switched)
  • Only the NPCs of the team that the thread belongs to will post an egg
  • Clicking the eggs increases your egg totals and the totals for your whole team, though you can only claim the egg once

Landing pageEdit

Middle of page

A Bunny's Lament with Wing Sticker

[Play Now!]

Current Scores
Anti-Cute VS Cute
Egg meter - Anti (blue) Cute (green)

How to Play
The Easter Bunny has declared war on cuteness! Choose the pro- or anti-cuteness team and hit the forums to clash with your foes. Be on the lookout for posts by NPCs: some will leave eggs which you can collect to win items, and others will claim the thread for the other team unless you stop them by posting quickly!

Right of page

My Stats
. . . . Anti-Cute Cute
Eggs Collected: # #
You favor the ANTI-CUTE TEAM
You favor the CUTE TEAM

Claim Reward
Find eggs left behind by NPCs in the forums to earn free items!
You need to find more eggs before you can collect your next prize!
You've collected all the items, congratulations!

Read Manga
Learn the Easter Bunny's chilling origins!

Easter puzzleEdit

  • Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:13 pm[1][2]

The Countdown to Easter was a mini event. Each day Gaians were to locate hidden puzzle pieces in areas related to Gaia Online.

  • 1st piece Easter Egg item detail[3]
  • 2nd piece [NPC] Easter Bunny profile[4]
  • 3rd piece Gaia Online's official "Creative Gaians" tumblr[5]
  • 4th piece Virtual Hollywood outside the closed shop[6]
  • 5th piece Gaia Online's official Facebook[7]
  • 6th piece Fyeah Gaia Artists tumblr (on the monitor)[8]
  • 7th piece Pinterest![9]
  • 8th piece Gaia Online artists official Redbubble[10]
  • 9th piece Gaia Online's official Twitter[11]
  • 10th piece [NPC] Waffles the Cat profile[12]
  • 11th piece GCD Rules & Guidelines (5th post)[13]
  • 12th piece Easter 2013 manga[14]

Assorted textEdit

Easter2k13 tooeasy

Too easy notice

Easter2k13 header indecisiveness1

Favor Indecisiveness

Easter2k13 header favorcute

Favor Cute

Easter2k13 header favoranticute

Favor Anti

Forum banner


  • You favor the ANTI-CUTE TEAM!
  • You favor the CUTE TEAM!
  • WARNING! This thread is at risk of turning ANTI-CUTE! / WARNING! This thread is at risk of turning ANTI-CUTE!
  • WARNING! This thread is at risk of turning CUTE! / WARNING! This thread is at risk of turning CUTE!
General errors
  • NoPostFound
  • Whoops, looks like you found a bad egg. Try looking around for others.
  • Uh oh, looks like that egg has gone bad. Better find a fresh one to try again.

Attempting to search Easter NPCs

  • We cannot process your request right now. Please try again later.(Ah ah ah, that'd be way too easy. You didn't think we'd just give you that did you?)


Easter2k13 antiegg chromerabbot
Chrome Rabbot w/egg
Easter2k13 cuteegg ultrasatan
Ultra Satan w/egg
Easter2k13 header antialerted
Header alert about Anti
Easter2k13 header cutealerted
Header alert Cute
Easter2k13 threadclaim anti
Anti-Cute team take over cute thread
Easter2k13 threadclaim cute
Cute team takes over anti thread
Easter2k13 header indecisiveness2
Indecisiveness with Cute
Easter2k13 header indecisiveness3
Indecisiveness with
Easter2k13 antiegg 01
Anti-Cute egg 01
Easter2k13 antiegg 02
Easter2k13 antiegg 03
Easter2k13 antiegg 04
Easter2k13 antiegg 05
Easter2k13 antiegg 06
Easter2k13 antiegg 07
Easter2k13 antiegg 08
Easter2k13 cuteegg 01
Cute egg 01
Easter2k13 cuteegg 02
Easter2k13 cuteegg 03
Easter2k13 cuteegg 04
Easter2k13 cuteegg 05
Easter2k13 cuteegg 06
Easter2k13 cuteegg 07
Easter2k13 cuteegg 08
Puzzle pieces found by...
Easter2k13 1st piece 2013-03-08
Easter Egg item detail
Easter2k13 2nd piece 2013-03-10
[NPC] Easter Bunny profile
Easter2k13 3rd piece 2013-03-10
This is Gaia Online's official "Creative Gaians" tumblr
Easter2k13 4th piece 2013-03-12
Virtual Hollywood outside the closed shop
Easter2k13 5th piece 2013-03-13
Gaia Online's official Facebook
Easter2k13 6th piece 2013-03-13
Fyeah Gaia Artists tumblr
Easter2k13 7th piece 2013-03-16
Easter2k13 8th piece 2013-03-16
Gaia Online's official Redbubble
Easter2k13 9th piece 2013-03-16
Gaia Online's official Twitter
Easter2k13 10th piece 2013-03-17
[NPC] Waffles the Cat profile
Easter2k13 11th piece 2013-03-18
GCD Rules & Guidelines (5th post)
Easter2k13 12th piece 2013-03-19
Easter 2013 manga


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