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Easter2k13 landingpage1.png A Bunny's Lament Began March 20, 2013 Ended April 1, 2013 Previous Easter 2k12

The Easter 2k13 event was Gaia Online's 10th Easter Day event. It once again featured Easter Bunny and Diedrich.


The Easter Bunny declared war on cuteness after President Diecrich announced that March was to be declared Cutie-Pie month. It was the Anti-Cute Team vs the Cute Team. The event's build began early in March with the a scavenger hunt for puzzle pieces that would reveal a visual of the coming event.

Event timelineEdit

Easter2k13 landingpage 2k13apr01

Landing page April 1

  • March 5
Developer post in E CORP thread. The numbers 3 8 13 1 12, were said to be essential.[1]
This turned out to be a clue to a staff announcement.
  • March 8
Countdown to Easter begins
  • March 12
Countdown to Easter ends, Gaians complete puzzle.[2]
  • March 19
Manga - #62 Easter 2013
  • March 20
Announcement of Easter 2k13 lunch
Wing Sticker appears
  • April 01
Mystery Friend is released
Easter 2k13 ends
  • April 02
Mini comic - Easter Conclusion


[NPC] Cindy DonovinhEdit

[NPC] Cindy Donovinh
Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 2:13 pm Announced: Wed Mar 20, 2013 6:30 pm
Days ago, Gaian president Diedrich (ugh, still?) declared that March would officially be known as Cutie-Pie Month, a celebration of all things cute and fluffy. But like almost all holiday celebrations in the history of Gaia, something has gone terribly wrong: disgraced robotic mascot Easter Bunny has announced his intent to crush all that is cute and destroy the very concept of cuteness itself!

Since Gaia has gradually deteriorated into a lawless land ruled by the whims of various insane bunnies, citizens must now choose which petty warlord to follow: Diedrich, on the side of cuteness and cheer, or the Easter Bunny, who rules the anti-cute team. Both will offer their own rewards, so choose wisely!

To choose your team and start waging a war of cuteness, visit Gaia's Easter event headquarters:

Join In

Event conclusionEdit


Criticism & ComplimentsEdit


Event ItemsEdit

Easter itemsEdit

When enough eggs were collected, Gaians would redeem them to earn Easter related items.

Anti-Cute Team

File:Easter2k13 items anticute.png

  • Listing Easter 2k13 Bunny Bomb - Down with cute!
  • Listing Easter 2k13 E-Corp Helmet - Down with cute!
  • Listing Easter 2k13 E-Corp Body Armor - Down with cute!
Cute Team

File:Easter2k13 items procute.png

  • Listing Easter 2k13 Dynamite Cake - Happy easter, hope it's a BLAST!
  • Listing Easter 2k13 Fluff Hood - Do not underestimate my fluffs!
  • Listing Easter 2k13 Fluff Fleece - You'll want to wear this when getting hit with hard objects!

Other itemsEdit

Gaia ShopsEdit

The TreehouseEdit

  • Listing Marshmallow Skin - Cheep! Cheep! Transform yourself into the squishy, sugary treat nobody actually wants to eat. 50 Wing Stickers
  • Listing Jumbo Easter Basket - Please, wait, I'm not candy!! 10 Wing Stickers

La VictoireEdit

  • Listing Bows and Bolts Bundle - Includes Leporine Warrior, Pastel Sweetie, Rabbot Brigade, and the exclusive Astra-66: Coy Cotton! 999 Gaia Cash
    • Listing Astra-66: Coy Cotton - Just a little shy but quick to become friends~ Exclusive
  • Listing Leporine Warrior - Must not become cute! Fight those urges and retaliate with a swift strike of cold machinery!! 499 Gaia Cash
  • Listing Pastel Sweetie - I love Easter!! Bunnies, chickies, pastels, candy... [WARNING: CUTENESS OVERLOAD] asdafjhlg *KAWAII EXPLOSION* 499 Gaia Cash
  • Listing Rabbot Brigade - C-cute rabbots..? Isn't there some sort of dichotomy going on here..? 199 Gaia Cash

Additional infoEdit


  • This marked the debut of Cindy and Easter Bunny's new avatar appearance.
  • Diedrich changed his name to President Diedrich with the achievement title "Commander in Chief". This is reference to the Gaia's First President event in 2012.
  • An Easter event for zOMG! was not present.[3]

Thread quotesEdit


  • This egg has spoiled, keep looking for a fresh one!
  • You've already claimed this egg!
Anti-Cute Team

The Easter Bunny

  • Ha! The thread is mine! Eat it, cuties!
  • My metal fists will crush cuteness forever! Post 50 times in 5 minutes or the thread will be claimed for Anti-Cuteness!
  • This isn't over! I'll destroy you yet, cute-lovers!
  • This thread is mine now! If I can't be cute, nobody can! The Cute team must post 50 times in 5 minutes or the Easter Bunny will steal the thread!
  • This thread won't be so cute after I punch it in its stupid face! Team Cute must post here 50 times in 5 minutes or the Easter Bunny will claim the thread!


  • (A Rabbot is near! If the Cute team doesn't post 50 times in 5 minutes, he'll ruin the thread with all his thumping!)
  • (The Rabbot has stolen the thread! A major blow has been struck against cuteness.)
  • (The Rabbot hops away shamefully.)
  • (The Rabbot whirs menacingly. Team Cute must post 50 times in 5 minutes or Rabbots will overrun the thread!)
  • (You hear the metallic clank of a hopping-mad Rabbot. Team Cute had better post 50 times in 5 minutes, or the thread will be lost!)
Cute Team

President Diedrich

  • Ha ha ha! Did you know this is my thread now? I am going to do a bathroom in it! Ha ha! I win! Bye!
  • Cute Fact! Did you know that snails are cute? They are, if you look! But ladybugs are terrifying up close. Yeah, well, bye! This thread is mine unless the Anti-Cute team posts 50 times in 5 minutes! Bye!
  • Cute Fact! Did you know that some people find babies cute, while others think they are repulsive little grubs? It's hormones, or something! That's all! Bye! I will claim this thread unless the Anti-Cute team posts 50 times in 5 minutes! So bye!
  • Cute Fact! Did you know that the lemur is too intense to be considered traditionally cute? It is true! OK, I am taking over this thread now! Unless my foes post 50 times in 5 minutes! OK! Bye!


  • (The Fluff bellows an adorable cheep. He'll take over the thread if Anti-Cute fighters don't post 50 times in the next 5 minutes!)
  • (The Fluff chirps triumphantly-- the thread has been overrun with cuteness!)
  • (The Fluff peeps defiantly. If the Anti-Cute team doesn't post 50 times in 5 minutes, he'll take over the thread!)
  • (The Fluff twitters violently. Post 50 times in 5 minutes or the thread will be claimed for the Cute Team!)

Ultra Satan

  • (Ultra Satan utters a bloodcurdling mewl. Team Anti-Cute must post 50 times in 5 minutes or cuteness will claim the thread.)
  • (Ultra Satan condenses the history of human suffering into a single meow. The thread will be claimed for Team Cute unless Anti-Cute posts 50 times in the next 5 minutes.)

Waffles the Cat

  • (Waffles backs away timidly)
  • (Waffles has gone belly-up, and it doesn't look like he'll be moving anytime soon. The thread will turn cute unless the opposing team posts 50 times in 5 minutes.)
  • (Waffles lies down and closes his eyes. This thread is his now.)
  • (Waffles is sniffing around like he might pee. He's a good boy and he probably won't, but you should post 50 times in 5 minutes just in case he marks the thread for Team Cute.)


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What's hot module
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Easter2013 bunnylament icon
gif Bunny Lament
Easter2013 bunnylament header
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Header (cut)
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Forum header
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Landing page bg
Easter2k13 landing sprites
Landing page sprites
Easter2k13 antieggs
Anti-Cute eggs
Avatar TheEasterBunny 2k13
[NPC] The Easter Bunny
Easter2k13 Avatar ChromeRabbot
[NPC] Chrome Rabbot
Easter2k13 Avatar GunmetalRabbot
[NPC] Gunmetal Rabbot
Easter2k13 Avatar JetRabbot
[NPC] Jet Rabbot
Easter2k13 cuteggs
Cute eggs
Easter2k13 Avatar PresidentDiedrich
[NPC] President Diedrich
Easter2k13 Avatar BunnyFluff
[NPC] Bunny Fluff
Easter2k13 Avatar ChickyFluff
[NPC] Chicky Fluff
Easter2k13 Avatar EggieFluff
[NPC] Eggie Fluff
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Post your message, select Anti or Cute
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New content
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Marked as red
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Cute alert icon
Easter2k13 c icon new
New content
Easter2k13 c icon
Marked as red
GA DestroyerofCuteness
Destroyer of Cuteness
Awarded to any Gaian who collected 50 eggs for the Anti-Cute team during the Easter 2013 event.
GA ProtectorofCuteness
Protector of Cuteness
Awarded to any Gaian who collected 50 eggs for the Cute team during the Easter 2013 event.
GA ThreadFlip
Thread Flip
Awarded to anyone whose thread was claimed for the other team during Easter 2013.
Puzzle pieces
Easter2k13 empty puzzle board
Empty puzzle board
Easter2k12 full puzzle board
Full puzzle board
Easter2k13 1st piece
1st piece
Easter2k13 2nd piece
2nd piece
Easter2k13 3rd piece
3rd piece
Easter2k13 4th piece
4th piece
Easter2k13 5th piece
5th piece
Easter2k13 6th piece
6th piece
Easter2k13 7th piece
7th piece
Easter2k13 8th piece
8th piece
Easter2k13 9th piece
9th piece
Easter2k13 10th piece
10th piece
Easter2k13 11th piece
11th piece
Easter2k13 12th piece
12th piece

Technical issuesEdit

Easter2k13 landingpage glitch

Egg meter glitch

Site & Forum
  • Hey guys, / Sorry for adding this on late but the response has been greater than we expected for this event so unfortunately I have to add an additional restriction for your egg collecting. From this point forward, eggs will have a defined lifetime where you can collect them. After that point they are no longer good. Currently, their lifetime is set for one hour but we'll be watching things and will adjust the time forward or back as needed. / Sorry again and I hope you're enjoying things so far!
  • If you're only seeing [eggimg],cute,1 or something like that in egg posts, it's likely because you're using Forums Lite. You have to use the regular forums in order to see the eggs so disable Forums Lite in your Gaia Labs settings
  • If you earn an achievement but don't have it granted immediately, give it some time (30-60 minutes). Achievements get backlogged during events due to the high traffic volume so it can take some time. Just continue on your way and occasionally check back on the event landing page and you should eventually be given the achievement.
  • If you run into the "NoPostFound" error, you just have to hit the back button, refresh the page, and click the egg again.

Staff NoticesEdit

  • Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:13 pm[4]

Countdown to Easter!

Our annual Easter event is right around the corner and will be here before you know it. To help keep you entertained until it goes live though, we've set up a special "Easter egg" hunt for you. Every day, until the start of the event, we'll be hiding a new puzzle piece in one of the areas related to Gaia Online. Your goal is to find all the pieces of the puzzle and arrange them to form the special event illustration we made for you. Once you do, you'll be able to see a visual representation of our Easter event theme this year and make a mental choice of what you side with. Sorry, there's no item grant for solving this, just the satisfaction of early knowledge and a pretty picture.

Are you up for the challenge? If so, you'll need your empty puzzle board. Fill it with the pieces you find to create the full illustration.


  • is not the only place related to Gaia Online
  • Today's piece has already been hidden and a hint for it can be found in what I've already told you above

You have 12 days. Good luck.

  • Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 5:03 pm[5]

Easter Event Updates

Our annual Easter event is in full swing. If you haven't checked it out already, head on over here and start collecting eggs! There have been a couple gameplay changes since the event launched and one main issue with users being unable to play so instead of continuing to just post in threads, I figured this notice would be more effective.

  • If you are having issues with seeing the eggs in the forums (for example: you only see "[eggimg],cute,1" instead of an image) then it's likely because you're using Forums Lite. The eggs will ONLY appear in the regular forum structure so you'll need to disable Forums Lite in your Gaia Lab settings in order to start collecting them.
  • Eggs now have a lifespan so they are only available for a finite time after they're posted. The lifespan is currently set to an hour and so far that seems to be working well but I'll continue watching and adjust the time if needed.
  • Thread conversions now have a cool down effect in place. If an NPC fails to convert a thread, the chance of a conversion post happening again is cut in half for the next hour. If the thread has bad luck and continues to be threatened with conversion and continues to beat it within that hour, the chance is halved again each time. This should hopefully prevent cases where a thread was attacked again and again only seconds/minutes after successfully fighting off a previous attack.
  • Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:50 pm[6]

Final Weekend for Easter Event!

That's right, we're coming up on the last weekend for our Easter Event so if you haven't grabbed your items and achievements yet, you better start now! I've increased the chances for both having your thread flipped and having an egg appear so there should be more than enough opportunities for you to finish things off. The event's last day will be Monday, April 1st so make sure you finish everything before then!

Start playing now!

  • Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:09 pm[7]

Easter Event Wrap-Up

The eggs have finally all gone bad and players for both sides can now enjoy the fruits of their labor. While it was a hard fought battle, one side did push harder than the other and managed to pull off a come from behind win. So without further delay, the winner of our 2013 Easter event was ... the Anti-Cute team, led by the maniacal Easter Bunny and his army of mechanical rabbots!

It seems though that this victory did not satisfy Easter Bunny's quest to destroy all that is cute in Gaia. After numerous sightings of the rare and elusive Pegacorn Fluff, Easter Bunny carried out a brutal attack against all that were found, leaving its new owners disturbed and saddened with only its soul still left as a memory of what was. All hope is not lost though. A new plan is already in the works to make those souls worth something again. Hang onto them and keep them close, Summer is right around the corner.

If you missed your chance to grab your own Pegacorn Fluff yesterday, you can still pick one up in the Marketplace (search for Mystery Friend) from those who have carelessly thrown them aside. Stocking up won't make a difference though, one soul is all you need. And in case you missed it, you can check out exclusive coverage of Easter Bunny's rampage right here. If you're the type that likes cold, calculating numbers, continue reading to see the final event breakdown for the two sides. If not, then just remember that things aren't over just yet, you'll want to stick around for what we have planned and by the time you've experienced it all, all you'll be able to say is "What. The. Fluff?!"

Event Breakdown

Percentage of players who favored Cute: 46%
Percentage of players who favored Anti-Cute: 42%
Percentage of players who favored Indecisiveness: 12%

Percentage of threads that favored Cute: 52%
Percentage of threads that favored Anti-Cute: 48%
Percentage of turned threads (Cute -> Anti-Cute): 56%
Percentage of turned threads (Anti-Cute -> Cute): 44%

Total Eggs Collected: 3,076,701
Cute Eggs Collected: 1,527,193 (49.64%)
Anti-Cute Eggs Collected: 1,549,508 (50.36%)

Top 10 Cute Egg Collectors

  1. ) idleRAT - 5,228
  2. ) fallen - - BEELZEBUB - 2,497
  3. ) onnawufei - 2,110
  4. ) Ducks 01 - 2,071
  5. ) Mitsuri - 1,500
  6. ) lilloulou - 1,311
  7. ) Noroia - 1,125
  8. ) HououMinamino - 1,068
  9. ) shadowviper0 - 969
  10. ) Francesca Vallieres - 960

Top 10 Anti-Cute Egg Collectors

  1. ) Klatt - 4,242
  2. ) RogueMudblood - 3,655
  3. ) E-Corp Saboteur - 3,506
  4. ) Therapii - 3,505
  5. ) MingSao - 3,300
  6. ) Kirana Azadju - 3,062
  7. ) EviCa - 3,029
  8. ) TsukiShotatsu - 2,888
  9. ) Master Kenshin Ryuu - 2,804
  10. ) Pirate Captain Sushi - 2,786

See alsoEdit


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External linksEdit

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