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The Easter 2k12 began on April 4, 2012, the title of the event is Grunnygeddon.


Diedrich gorged himself on leftover eggs last Easter, this caused his unusual reproductive system to kick in, and ever since that he's been uncontrollably popping out babies. It's up to Gaians to find some of the offspring and turn them to the adoption center or humanely dispose of them.

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  • April 4
Easter 2k12 Announcement
Wing Sticker appears on Event page

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  • April 3

Diedrich's Babies

  • April 4

Humane Disposal

  • April 18



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  • Apr 4 Easter 2012: Grunnygeddon! [1]

Gaia's 2012 Easter event is here! Last Easter, Diedrich gorged himself on leftover eggs-- his body weight skyrocketed, turning him into a fleshy mound of Grunny dough! This caused his unusual reproductive system to kick in, and ever since that he's been uncontrollably popping out babies. You can check out his detailed explanation here:

Read Diedrich's Comic

You'll probably find some of his offspring floating around the site. If you catch them, Diedrich would be much obliged if you'd turn them in to a reputable adoption center.

But the Easter Bunny is no fan of Diedrich, since the mad Grunny keeps trying to steal his Easter thunder. The Easter Bunny has his own sinister idea of what to do with the Grunny spawn, which you can see in this comic:

Read the Easter Bunny's Comic

It's up to you whether you help Diedrich's offspring or humanely dispose of them. Either way, you'll be rewarded with plenty of great Easter event items! To get started, just head over to our Grunnygeddon page:

Start the Fun

Event ConclusionEdit

Diedrich explains that many of his children were saved during the event, he then pledges to not produce anymore offspring. Thus shedding his excess pounds and spaying himself.

Event ItemsEdit

Event Items: DiedrichEdit

Gaians were able to collect Diedrich's babies around the Gaia Forums and earn items depending on the total collected.


  • Easter 2k12 Basket of Diedrichs - Full of you favorite treats, and a couple cute Diedrichs too!
  • Easter 2k12 Diedrich Skin Slippers - Sure to make your feet feel warm and toasty on a cold morning.
  • Easter 2k12 Sack of Diedrich's - Sure to make your feet feel warm and toasty on a cold morning.
  • Easter 2k12 Carrot Gift - An orphan shows its gratitude.
  • Easter 2k12 Diedrich Trap - I've got a nice little treat for you chatty little mutant.
  • Easter 2k12 Diedrich Plush Slippers - Plush slippers in the style of a lavender Diedrich!
  • Easter 2k12 Flock of Diedrichs - Think of all the orphans you've saved from annihilation!
  • Easter 2k12 Diedrich Fur Coat - This fur is as soft as cashmere.

Event Items: SpecialEdit

(The Treehouse)

  • Easter 2k12 Diedrich Mascot Head - Dress up as your favorite little green grunny!
  • Easter 2k12 Diedrich Mascot Suit - Dress up as your favorite little green grunny!

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As no event on Gaia has ever gone on without glitches, Here is the "event" event Glitches.

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Dev AlertsEdit

  • Apr 04

Grunnygeddon Flash Space

Just wanted to let everyone know we're aware of the issues with the flash space. I'm sorry we weren't able to get this resolved today but plan to keep digging tomorrow. If for whatever reason we aren't able to get this addressed by the end of this week we'll redistribute those Diedrich's to the other activities so the event items may still be collected.

Edit 04/05 12:40 PDT

After many optimizations and adding an additional game server, the space is now in a playable state. During peak hours or in very crowded room there may still be a bit of lag but it won't be as bad as it was at launch.

Thank you for you patience and have fun!

  • Apr 06

Grunnygeddon Grants

Wanted to update everyone on how the granting for the event works as I forgot to mention it at launch and is now causing some confusion.

Only three two three of each item type is claimable in the event. After that instead of being granted the item you will be granted, from least amount of Diedrichs to most 50, 100, 250, 500 gold respectively. I apologize for the confusion and hope you guys are enjoying the event!

The event is currently scheduled to run until the 18th.

Edited by CarbonPhyber: We've confirmed with testing that the number of claimed items is 3. After the third claimed item, you will get gold. The code was slightly confusing so a previous edit of this DevAlert was wrong.

  • Apr 8

zOMG Easter Event

The zOMG! easter event is open! It'll stay open until the same day as the main site Easter event. There are no new items, just a repeat of last year. Same bugs as last year too. But the eggs, golden eggs, and cheeps should all be there.

Happy hunting!


  • Apr 16

Event ending soon

Hey everyone, the Grunnygeddon event will be ending this Wednesday around noon PDT. If you're still missing some event items, this is your last chance!

Rare Diedrich drop rates have been increased across all the activities. The frequency of the scavenger hunt has also been increased. Use this time to grab the remaining Diedrichs you need for those items!

Edit 11:26 AM
At last count the scores were as follows:
Diedrichs Homogenated: 39062 (Easter Bunny)
Diedrichs Saved: 50929 (Diedrich)

...Also if you happen to have way too many Diedrichs of a particular color that you just want to get rid of, it is now possible to redeem at least 50 for a little gold on the event page.


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