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The Easter 2010 event started on April 2, 2010 at 11:30 AM EST, with a banner change to indicate it.


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You found an Easter egg!

An Easter Egg hunt.

Event BeginningEdit

  • Apr 2

With no announcement given at the time, Gaians spotted colored eggs called: Grunny, Easter, and Gambino eggs scattered around Gaia's landing pages: Home, My Gaia, Shops, Forums, World, Games. They were told by collecting eggs, they would be granted a prize.

When Gaians were on the Reward page, there was an animated Grunny named Diedrich to greet them, clicking him led to his Gaia Profile.


Easter10 youhasanegg small

Diedrich: AnnouncementsEdit

  • Apr 2: Announcement: Grunny eggs time![1]


Did you know grunnies come from an egg? You can eat the eggs, but they taste like sulfur and horse blood.

Well, bye bye!

Oh, and also I hid some eggs. If you find a bunch of them, you get a fun thing!

Bye! Bye bye for real!


An Easter based event in Gaia's MMO, zOMG, started on April 1, running till April 11. Village Greens was decorated with an Easter theme: eggs hanging from ribbon wrapped trees and Gnome mushroom homes painted pastel with eggs decorating them. This festive theme caused the General Gnome to retreat to his mushroom, but if players wanted to fight him, they could confront him inside his own home.

There were rare Golden Egg with an HP of 3,500. While soloing, the egg was tedious to crack, but with a crew or various other players, the cracking of the egg would reward players with a Golden Ticket and Gold. There was also a new recipe, two new badges, chicks to capture and chicks that would follow a player around, and a special golden egg that hatched some time after the event ended.

Event ItemsEdit

Event items: Gaia EasterEdit

  • Easter10 Easter2k10 grunny eggEaster 2k10 Grunny Egg - This egg contains a special gift from Grunny...
(collecting 20 Eggs)
  • Easter10 Easter2k10 egg Easter 2k10 Egg - This egg contains a special gift...
(collecting 30 Eggs)
  • Easter10 gambino eggEaster 2k10 Gambino Egg - This egg contains a special gift from Gambino...
(collecting 50 Eggs)

Event items: zOMG EasterEdit

  • Easter Cheepy Easter Event 2010 Cheepy - It's Cheepy!
  • Easter Chicky Easter Event 2010 Chicky - It's Chicky!
  • Easter Chirpy Easter Event 2010 Chirpy - It's Chirpy!
  • Easter Churpy Easter Event 2010 Churpy - It's Churpy!
  • Golden Egg - Egg-tastic!
  • Strawberry Sundae Sweets - Put on your Sundae clothes again~
Recipe: Strawberry Sundae Sweets
Recipe Ingredients: 40 Strawberry Chocolate Eggs, 24 Plastic Grass, 16 Jelly Beans

Ingredients: zOMGEdit

  • Strawberry Chocolate Egg - Egg-tastic!
  • Plastic Grass - Grass-tastic!
  • Jelly Bean - Bean-tastic!

Criticism & ComplimentsEdit

Gaians were surprised and happy to see a zombie skin as one of the items, since the particular skin was from an event 6 years ago that was lost during a roll back. And many were impressed that a forum based event took a mere week to set up. The items overall were enjoyed, and Diedrich was found to be amusing.


  • The Gambino Egg contains the Zombie skin seen in the Halloween 2k4: Zombie Outbreak event.
  • Diedrich (or what appears to be him) appeared during in a black urn during the April Fools event.
  • The Strawberry Sundae Sweets is a recoloring of Easter 2k9's Sundae Sweets.
  • On June 1, 2010 the Golden Egg cracked and when taken to Nicolae he would extract the yolky lucre, which contained the items Regal Adornment (Golden Egg) and Ring: Fortune's Favor.
    • Regal Adornment (Golden Egg) - Legend spoke of a King's enchanted hen who laid golden eggs so dense that it took the effort of a small village just to crack it open, revealing the riches inside. The entire kingdom prospered and flourished from the bounty of treasure contained inside these magnificent eggs. That is of course until the day a traveling merchant had a strong craving for some chicken...
    • Ring: Fortune's Favor - This ring bestows its wearer with the luck of a golden rabbit, increasing the amount of loot they are rewarded with.


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