[[File:*2k*_|500px|center|The official logo of ...]] {{Infobox/Event |image = |image_size = |name = |caption = |Began = [[April]] 15, [[2014]] |Ended = April 22, 2014 |Previous = |Next = Not available }} The '''EVENT''' was ''[[Gaia Online]]'s'' # "event" event. ==Overview== TBA ==Event timeline== *Month date :State what happened ==Announcements== ===[NPC] President Diedrich=== {{Dialog 01|avatar = |name = [[NPC:President Diedrich|] |title1 = {{Link-gaia|at|91519061|Spring Into Fun!: Easter 2K14|[NPC] President Diedrich Tue Apr 15, 2014 6:51 pm}} |content1 = Gaians! Did you know that it is spring? You can tell because I just told you! And also my allergies are acting up. Did you know that I am currently slightly greener than usual due to a buildup of excessive snot? It's true! Anyway, because it is spring and Easter and a celebration of all things green and also maybe bunnies and other things that I love, we are going to have a party! With eggs! Delicious, weirdly colored eggs! Did you know that I laid every single one myself? And all you need to do is click on eggs to earn items and achievements! But I did not stop there, friends. No, your president would not fail you. I've also arranged for free prizes to be handed out every day from April 15th until April 22nd! Simply log in to pick up your daily treat. If you log in every day of the event you'll even score a special prize! I've also set up a special forum where you can talk with other Gaians and Diedrich-lovers about how wonderful I am. And also Easter! And maybe other things. There will also be contests and more prizes, because I am a Prize President! Prize President Diedrich! It's true. This is going to be an amazing Easter, so I order you to come visit the forums and celebrate with us! Did you know I even have my own little seal of office? I already ate it. Now my insides feel even more presidential. Okay, I have to go now! Okay thank you! Okay! I love you! Bye! Bye bye! Visit the Easter Forum!}} ===[NPC] Easter Bunny=== {{Dialog 01|avatar = |name = [[NPC:Easter Bunny|] |title1 = {{Link-gaia|at|91600261|Easter 2k14: Easter Bunny's Update!|[NPC] Easter Bunny Sat Apr 19, 2014 6:00 pm}} |content1 = At long last, Gaians! My time has truly come! Not only is Easter a celebration of all things bunny, egg, and pastel-related, but it is also a time for Gaia's best holiday mascot to shine: the Easter Bunny! You didn't think I'd just abandon you all on my very own holiday, did you? No, I'm hopping around the forums, dispensing words of wisdom and so much more! Have you found my wonderful gifts yet? Make sure you look for me and grab the eggs I'm offering. They're not bombs this time -- I promise! Is this a face that could ever lie to you? But it simply wouldn't be Easter without a fun egg hunt! Have you been clicking every egg you find? I'm sure you have, especially since there are great prizes for those of you diligent enough to collect lots of eggs. You'll earn an achievement and great prizes after collecting 50, 150, and 250 eggs. So keep scavenging for them! You definitely don't want to miss out on these super cute rewards! Switchem is back as well, this time celebrating my very own holiday -- as it should be! Be sure to play it for a chance at even more great prizes and gold! And I'm certain you all know that there are special items being given out every day simply for logging into Gaia. Log in every day of the event and you'll earn an extra reward! It's truly going to be the best Easter ever, all thanks to me. And no thanks to that mangy, flea-bitten, lime-colored little irritant... Happy early Easter, every Gaian!}} ==Event conclusion== TBA ==Criticism & Compliments== TBA ==Event Items== ==="item set"=== Gaians were able to "activity" in [[Gaia Shop]]s or in [[Gaia Towns]] to --earn Spirited clothing. --earn candy to give to [[NPC:Jack|Jack]] in return for Jack themed clothing. [[File:*2k*_items_.png]] *{{Mp-gaia|c|#|item|description}} ===Other items=== *{{Mp-gaia|c|#|item|description}} ===Shops=== ====[[Map:|]]==== *{{Mp-gaia|c|id|item|description}} ==[[Achievements]]== {{Main||l1=}} ==Additional info== ===Trivia=== *TBA ==="activity" quotes=== {{Scrollbox|content= Content }} ==Gallery== {{See also|}} {{Gallery || }} ==Technical issues== ;Site & Forum ;Gaia Towns ==Staff Notices== {{Scrollbox|content= {{Link-gaia|sn|thread id|Staff Notice title|Name Date}} }} ==See also== * [["Name of Event" 2k* guide]] * [["event" items]] ==References== {{Reflist}} ==External links== * [ Landing page] Name of Event ''Announcement forum'' {{Link-gaia|at|id|Title|Name Date}} ''Event forum'' {{Link-gaia|fm|id|Forum|Summary}} {{Link-gaia|at|id|Title|Name Date}} {{Link-gaia|st|id|Sticky|Name Date}} {{Link-gaia|sfm|id|Subforum|Summary}} [[Category:Event]] [[Category:Easter event]] [[Category:2014 Event]]