Easter  n. (ee-ster) [1]

  1. an annual Christian festival in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  2. decorated eggs given out to celebrate the Easter festival.


On Gaia Online, Easter was introduced in 2003 of April. A typical Easter event on Gaia involves collecting colorful eggs by navigating the websites forums, the release of related items and participating in the sites main event. Easter is one of the smaller events due to it following after other small events such like St. Patrick's Day and also April Fools' Day.

It has only been in recenter years that Easter events have gotten a bit more elaborate in presentation due to storyline involvement.


  • During the month of April, Gaia begins to hype-up the coming events by releasing Spring and Easter themed items.
  • Event related NPCs may make their presence known by posting in various forums, contacting Gaians through private messages, or making announcements about why they are on the site.


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