Easter2k11 ecorplanding-2

The E-CORP image located on their landing page.

E-CORP was a user-created militant plot faction that represented the [NPC] Easter Bunny. Its name is a play on S-CORP and G-CORP, whereas the letter E would represent Easter. It wasn't until April 18th, 2011 that the main site officially recognized E-Corp as a plot faction and used their name during the 2K11 Easter event. Users were given the option to choose a side to collect eggs for; if they chose the Easter Bunny, their team title was officially branded as E-Corp.

Easter 2K11 InvolvementEdit

Originally there wasn't going to be an Easter Bunny in the 2K11 Easter event, but due to high user demand from the E CORP faction, event developers had eventually decided against their original plot and pooled together to offer the Easter Bunny versus Diedrich event.

External linksEdit

E CORP (A GCD Easter Bunny Fanthread)

E-Corp Guild

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