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 October 2, 2013

The Dr. Singh's Animal Adventures was Gaia Online's mini event.


A mini event about elk. It involved a haiku contest, a mini comic, and a an appearance by NPC:Carl the Elk.

Event timelineEdit

  • October 1
Announcement of event


[NPC] SinghEdit

NPC:Dr. Singh
Avatar eir th drsingh alone
  • Icon announceAnnouncement Dr. Singh's Animal Adventures - Let's talk about elk! - Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:15 pm
Hello Gaians!

Dr. Singh here, and I wanted to let you all know how excited I am that Fall is here. As a scientist and lover of nature, Fall brings many awesome opportunities for us to study great shifts in animal behavior. While some animals are preparing for hibernation during the winter, others are entering into their primary breeding season.

One of my favorite groups of mammals to study are those of the Cervidae or deer family. Did you know this fascinating group starts its annual breeding season in Fall? This year I had the pleasure of heading out into the field with some scientific colleagues of mine to witness this annual event (called rutting) and make field observations. Unfortunately, our time in the field was cut short when both myself and my colleagues were attacked by our very own Carl. We managed to escape up a tall tree, but it was a close call. Always remember Gaians, you definitely want to keep your distance from wild elk, especially during rutting season as aggressive behavior can run higher than normal.

For more details on what transpired and general information on elk, please check out my newly created Dr. Singh's Animal Adventures forum!

Join Us!

  • Icon announceAnnouncement Dr. Singh's Fun Animal Facts: Let's talk about Elk! - Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:10 pm
Hello everyone,

Thank you for reaching out to me about the Carl incident. Many of you have asked me about our near fatal run in with Carl, and words really cannot express the events leading up to the attack.

We are lucky that one of my field assistants, an Admin called starzXnight, happened to be documenting the elk herd when the incident occurred. Below is starzXnight's rendition of the events leading up to Carl's assault on our research team. Gaians should be warned that this content may be considered graphic by some viewers and may not be suitable for all Gaians.

Again, we are lucky nobody on the research team was seriously injured, and we remind you all to keep a safe distance from any elk (or other animals) during their breeding season as they may become unusually aggressive. Such a close distance should only be attempted by professionals.

Your pal, Dr. Singh

Autumn2k13 art drsinghs animal adventure
Also, In case you were interested in learning more about elk (and we know you are!) we've gathered some links to share with you that contain lots of fun facts about this magnificent animal. Don't worry, not all elk are as assertive as our Carl.

Enjoy! Dr. Singh

Interesting articles on Elk:

National Geographic:

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation:

ADW (Animal Diversity Web - University of Michegan)

Animal Planet Elk Info:

A video of elk bugling, taken by a Gaia staff member:

Event conclusionEdit


Criticism & ComplimentsEdit


Event ItemsEdit

Gaians were able to comment in Gaia Forums to be quoted by Carl and receive an item by grant link.

  • Listing Carl Jr. - (Carl Jr. glares menacingly at you with his barely-opened eyes... you sense that somehow he is going to be exactly like his dad...)

Additional infoEdit


  • TBA

Carl quotesEdit

  • (Carl glares at you with a look of unrelenting lust in his eyes...)
  • (Carl glares at you, ushers a loud bugle in your direction to invite you to be part of his harem. You should probably run away really quickly...)
  • (Carl glowers at you menacingly then begins to serenade you with his elk-call of love. Well, at least as much love as Carl is capable of showing...)
  • (Carl has decided that he will make you a member of his harem. You should probably climb the nearest tree and wait there until a Park ranger can rescue you from this situation)
  • (Carl pushes you down into the muddy earth in an attempt to cover you in mud and other elk-produced scents. This is as close to "love" as Carl is capable of expressing. You should feel honored.)
  • (Carl smells particularly musky today and tries to rub that musky scent on you as a way of marking his harem members. Unless you want to smell like elk, you should probably flee the scene.)
  • (Carls snorts at you and lets out a mighty bugle..EERROOWWWW!!! Is it possible that Carl actually LIKES someone?)
  • (Carl stares at you with icy resolve as he tries to decide whether or not you would make a worthy partner)
  • (Carl stares at you with menace in his eyes and maybe a hint of something else too. Could it be love? Do you really want to find out?)
  • (Carl utters a raspy grunt as he begins to emit a musky odor and runs in your direction)
  • (Carl nudges a small object toward you in an attempt to sway your affections. You better take it before he changes his mind...)

External linksEdit

Announcement forum

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Event forum

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  • Icon announceAnnouncement Dr. Singh’s Animal Adventures Rules & Guidelines - The Admin Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:07 pm
  • Icon stickySticky Dr. Singh's Fun Animal Facts: Let's talk about Elk! - [NPC] Dr. Singh Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:10 pm
  • Icon stickySticky Elk-ku Contest - Write a haiku about Carl and you could win! - [NPC] Dr. Singh Wed Oct 02, 2013 12:01 pm

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