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...the Gaiapedia is sponsored by '''[[OmniDrink|OMNIDRINK™]]''' ...Gaia Online staff and its moderators would '''NEVER''' ask for a Gaians passwords? :Only [[Scammers]] ask for such things, and it should be known not to trust PMs claiming to be Gaia Staff. ...the character referred to as [[GCD McSourface]], was created as a spoof on fellow Gaians by another Gaian? ...the Evolving Item, [[Alruna's_Rose#Trivia|Alruna's Rose]], has had the most spinoff items? ...that Gaians once lent a hand in placing [[Gaia Orphans]] to good homes? ...Monthly Collectibles for [[June#Donation_Items_of_June|June 2010]], are the first MCs that are not Halo or Angelic/Demonic in some form? ...[[Item:Bape Cow|Bape Cow]] is an extremely poorly-made papier-mâché horsey-thing, stolen from a high school art classroom by Brunosmad's younger sister? ...The [[Mini Angel Wings]] are one of Gaia's most signature icons? For the [[Summer 2k10]] Event, it was seen in the form of a sticker.

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