This is a list of quotes by Devin.

Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Devin

  • Do you meditate? Last year, I got stuck under my bathroom sink and spent six weeks in a state of total consciousness.
  • No, sorry, I cannot implant horns in your skull. Alas, I ran out of ping pong balls two weeks ago.
  • I am what is known as an "ultra-vegan". I will only eat plants if they died a natural death without human interference.
  • An undecorated body is a wasted body!
  • Do you have any crystals? I fell down the stairs and now my chakras are all out of whack.
  • I based my tattoo designs on ancient stone etchings created by natives in the deepest heart of Gaian jungles.

Exchange InksEdit

2007 - Buy Tattoos
  • Welcome to the tattoo parlor! To give you a tattoo, I'll need some ink and a little bit of gold. More complicated tattoos require more vials of ink, so be sure you've got enough to get what you want! You can get more ink by trading in bugs at the Durem Depot. / Our tattoos are made from special inks that respond to your will... they'll appear on your body when you want them there, and fade away when you don't. After you get a tattoo from us, you'll find it in your inventory like any other item. / Here's what I can offer you with the ink you've brought in:
  • You've got 1 Direct Trade(s) available to get a (type Tattoo). These trades are final, and are as described.
  • Direct Item Trade(s) / To perform a Direct Item Trade, simply click on the exchange button next to the trade you want. / (color Ink) + Gaia Gold x # = (type Tattoo)
  • Preview Item(s) / Here's a preview of your tattoo. Your avatar's clothes have been removed for a better view (don't worry, we didn't lose them).
  • I'm only going to ask you one last time... are you sure that you want to exchange (color Ink) + Gaia Goldx# for (type Tattoo)??
  • All set! I've exchanged your (color Ink) + Gaia Goldx# for (type Tattoo).

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