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Gaia Deity (aka Ancient Gaia Deity; Gaia(n) Gods) is the unofficial term for powerful God-like beings seen in the World of Gaia, hailing from a place called the Old World. In the early years of Gaia various deities were never seen but instead mentioned by name and described. With the release of the Golden Laurels, the description states that every four years, the gods hold a championship to determine who is the most powerful mortal in the land. The laurels are a symbol of that honor and stature. The release of the Golden Laurels coincided with the first Gaia Olympics.

In December 2009 the Silver Laurels were released and were a gift from the gods, handed down to mortals of surpassing beauty. The promo stated: just as their Golden counterparts are divine rewards for great athletic prowess, the Silver Laurels are handed down to those whose physical beauty rivals that of the gods themselves. As such, they make a highly sought-after fashion accessory and on extremely flattering gift.

In the months of January and September 2007, the items Gift of the Goddess and Gift of the Gods were released. Both relate to how the Gaia Gods occasionally bestow lavish gifts and powerful artifacts on Gaians. Under their terms it is Gaians who are pure of heart and truly noble in spirit who are deserving of such items.

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