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Gaia Shop

Barton Boutique

  • [[Dark Elf (set)]]
    • Dark Elf Pauldrons
    • Dark Elf Corset
    • Dark Elf Skirt
    • Dark Elf Leather Pants
    • Dark Elf Thigh Boots

Barton Jewelers

  • Dark Elf Spiked Circlet

Skin Tyte

  • Dark Elf Potion
  • Dark Elf Potion (grey)
  • Dark Elf Potion (purple)
Premium Items

Chance Item

  • Sentry Security: The Fish → Fortune Egg
  • Sentry Security: Trilby → Fortune Egg
  • Kuro's Induction → Gee Boi Turbo


  • 44 Kuro Doll → Gee Boi Turbo
  • 45 Cordell Doll → Gee Boi Turbo
  • 215 The King → Final Reign
Event Item

Halloween 2008

  • Dark Elf's Circlet
  • Dark Elf's Light Armor
  • Dark Elf's Spider Dagger
  • Dark Elf's Staff
  • Dark Elf's Aura
  • Big Ruby Earring

Halloween 2012

  • Halloween 2k12 Kuro Gang Badge

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