Dark elf (Dokkalfar) in Norse mythology are a contrasting type of elf; they dwell within the earth and are most swarthy, and are described as being "blacker than pitch".

On Gaia, Dark elves were introduced during the 2008 Olympic event. There are three prominent elf Gaia NPC's, but most of the elf populace is made up of Gaians who have chosen to be citizens, they generally reside in the underground world of Durem. This mysterious race focuses on rogue-like abilities, and specialize in attacking from the shadows.



The Dark elves coexist along side the humans who live in Durem. However, it is unsure how many reside above and below, the Durem Undergrounds.

They prefer to think of themselves as separate from the average human as well as being above the vampires.


Dark elves have notable features being dark skin and in various shades of grey, blue, and purple, they have pointed ears, muscular builds and long lifespans; Gaians can become Dark elves by consuming Dark Elf Potion. The most notable elves are those in Kuro Gang, who are grey in color with yellowish (some green) eyes and having white or black hair.


Halloween 2k8 guide

(further information on Dark elf abilities)

Strong attacks, Healing potions and poisons, Agility, Throwing knives, Disappear (seemingly vanish)


Olympics 2008Edit

Creature darkelf2 2k8

In this event, vampires were allied with the Dark elves. Many vampires chose to hide in the shadows for a duration of the games, but Louie participating brought them out into the daylight. In manga #24: Heir to Darkness, Natasha planned to ask the Kuro Gang for help during the Olympic event. At first the gang had no interest in the event, but after NPC:Devin finally made his presence known and obvious that he knew the Kuro gang personally, he managed to convince the boss elf in having a few of his people participate in the games.

Halloween 2008Edit

In the Halloween 2k8 event, the Dark elf race was one of the four factions (the other three being Human, Zombie, and Vampire) available to fight as.

Summer 2010Edit

While not making an appearance in the event itself, the reason for the vampire assault was the result of Don Kuro ordering them to do so. Vampires were ordered to seek out Gino Gambino, who was traveling with The Overseer and The Sentinel on their airship.

Halloween 2012Edit

It was a battle between followers of the shadowy Kuro Gang and allies of the vampire clans. Two representatives of both sides persuaded Gaians to join their cause. The event is connected to a manga (#61 Him) released prior. Telling why Vampires and Dark Elves have hostilities towards one another.


Additional infoEdit


  • The sentry Trilby is 'a wannabe member of the Kuro gang, trying to prove herself worthy. Unfortunately, she's too timid to even approach them about a job.'

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