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Cybering, or cybersex, is a form of roleplay in which two or more participants send erotic messages to one another. This is usually for the purpose of sexual arousal, though occasionally it will be done as part of a larger more legitimate roleplay.

Gaia and Cybering Edit

Cybering is strictly prohibited by the Gaia Online Terms of Service and often frowned upon within the community; such an attitude exists because of the threat posed by sexual predators. However, it is generally assumed that cybering is more or less common in certain circles; specifically, in the Personal Message system and Chatterbox threads.

There are several forms and styles cybering may take, from short, to-the-point posts (often laden with Internet slang) to long, in-depth, and sometimes even poetic messages from both partners. Some members even attempt it within GaiaTOWNS through the use of their avatars, such as a female avatar kneeling in front of a male avatar or vice versa. This is also sometimes done by one or both of partners hitting the "Pose" button very fast. This is easily seen in the common topics within town, which often blatantly display phrases advertising offers for cybering. Despite this openness about it, it is also common for a cybering pair to do so within an empty home for privacy, as opposed to within the town overworld.

How to identify "Cyberers" Edit

Largely found in Gaia Towns and Gaia Rally, these a User will either announce their wanting to cyber by typing "if you want to cyber press 123 or simply openly type explicit text. While on forums, a User will announce their wanting to cyber by indicating they will take things to PM. When you see two users alone, stop and wait for a minute or so, or check the chat history. Especially if it is a male and female, as it's more likely to been seen that way.

What should be done Edit

Such Users should be reported by using the available report functions, or it could be directed to a Moderator.

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