Cute Team (also known as Team cute) is a group introduced during the 2013 Easter event. It consist of Gaia NPCs who left decorated eggs for Gaians to collect.



The group was established by Diedrich, a grunny who used his status as Gaia's first President to declare the month of March as a time for cuteness. The primary creatures involved in the group are fluffs and felines.


The involved NPCs had the ability to leave decorated eggs in their supporters thread. They could claim an opponents thread by occupying it for, at the most, five minutes.


Easter 2013Edit

The Easter Bunny declared war on cuteness after President Diecrich announced that March was to be declared Cutie-Pie month. A manga (#63 Easter 2013) was released prior to the event establishing a connection to a previous manga (#7: Jack vs. Santa 1) involving the Easter Bunny's current mecha appearance. The purpose of the event was about collecting eggs for the chosen team and having NPCs take over an opposing rival's thread.

Member listEdit


Their rival is the Anti-Cute Team and opposers of cuteness.

Additional infoEdit


  • The Fluffs are creatures seen in Gaia's MMO zOMG!.


" (The Fluff bellows an adorable cheep. He'll take over the thread if Anti-Cute fighters don't post 50 times in the next 5 minutes!)

(The Fluff chirps triumphantly-- the thread has been overrun with cuteness!)
(The Fluff peeps defiantly. If the Anti-Cute team doesn't post 50 times in 5 minutes, he'll take over the thread!)
(The Fluff twitters violently. Post 50 times in 5 minutes or the thread will be claimed for the Cute Team!)

(Ultra Satan utters a bloodcurdling mewl. Team Anti-Cute must post 50 times in 5 minutes or cuteness will claim the thread.)
(Ultra Satan condenses the history of human suffering into a single meow. The thread will be claimed for Team Cute unless Anti-Cute posts 50 times in the next 5 minutes.)

(Waffles backs away timidly)
(Waffles has gone belly-up, and it doesn't look like he'll be moving anytime soon. The thread will turn cute unless the opposing team posts 50 times in 5 minutes.)
(Waffles lies down and closes his eyes. This thread is his now.)
(Waffles is sniffing around like he might pee. He's a good boy and he probably won't, but you should post 50 times in 5 minutes just in case he marks the thread for Team Cute.)" — Assorted actions

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Event Items
  • Easter 2k13 Dynamite Cake
  • Easter 2k13 Fluff Hood
  • Easter 2k13 Fluff Fleece



  • March 19, 2013 - Easter 2k13


  • March 20, 2013 - #63 Easter 2013


Easter2k13 cuteggs
Cute eggs
Easter2k13 Avatar BunnyFluff
[NPC] Bunny Fluff
Easter2k13 Avatar ChickyFluff
[NPC] Chicky Fluff
Easter2k13 Avatar EggieFluff
[NPC] Eggie Fluff

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