This is a list of quotes by Cresento.

Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Cresento

2011 The Bifrost
  • What.
  • Hm, yes. A customer.
  • My time is valuable. Mind you don't waste it with idle chatter.
  • If you must insist on bothering someone, bother Nicolae.
  • Try not to break anything.
  • I'm sure you posses many endearing qualities, but I'm afraid they're lost on me.
  • I never dreamed that being a shopkeeper would bring me such enlightening conversation.
  • Quiet, you. I'm trying to concentrate.

Event quotesEdit

April Fools

Main article: April Fools' Day Event 2K9

  • Salutations, hello, and welcome. I am Cresento, and this is my magical, marvelous, and mysterious airship.


  • The sky is my domain. No way am I letting a bunch of riffraff ruin a good thing.
  • Who do these buffoons think they are? Airships are my thing. I'm the airship guy. Me!
  • Airship captaining is a pursuit for only the most inspiring of individuals. That's why I've been awarded Airship Captain of the Year five times running.