Credits are an exchange unit gotten by playing the game Word Bump.

What it is used for?Edit

Credits are used for obtaining the academic set, called caps and gowns, from H.R. Wesley. Different credits are exchanged for different sets.

How to get creditsEdit

Credits can be gotten by playing Word Bump. In order to get different credits, one must reach a high level and continue to pass other levels.

Credits can also be bought or sold at the Marketplace.

Why use credits?Edit

H.R. Wesley exchange only allows for the use of credits as a form of exchange for its prizes.

The CreditsEdit

  • Bachelor's Credit - A credit towards earning your Bachelor's degree.
  • Master's Credit - A credit towards earning your Master's degree.
  • Doctorate's Credit - A credit towards earning your Doctorate's degree.

The SetsEdit

  • Bachelors Cap / Gown - A Bachelors degree is an undergraduate academic degree given for a course or major that usually lasts for three or four years.
  • Masters Cap / Gown - A masters degree is an academic degree given for completion of a postgraduate or graduate course of one to three years length.
  • Doctorate Cap / Gown - A doctorate is an academic degree signifying the highest level of education possible.

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