Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove is a game by Natsume Inc. for the Nintendo 3DS system, Gaians who entered have a chance to receive a free copy. If Gaians bought the game they would each get a 2500 Gold Card and mini Gabrielle item for the duration of the contest.

Despite the announcement dates, the contest started in October.

Contest Info pt1Edit

To enter, Gaians reply to the question: What’s your favorite monster in Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove? In the contest thread.

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[NPC] admin: AnnouncementEdit

  • Oct 4 Win a copy of Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove [1]

Want a free copy of Natsume Inc's new game Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove? Good thing you're a Gaian-- we've partnered with Natsume Inc. to bring you a contest where you can win just such a thing! It's easy: post your favorite monster from Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove in the contest thread and you'll be entered in a drawing for your very own copy of this music and rhythm game.

In addition to the contest, Gaians get extra loot when they join in the Ghostly Groove. With each copy of the game you'll get a 2500 Gaia Gold card and an exclusive item: a little Gabrielle to stand next to your avatar.

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