Gaia Word Hunt is Gaia's first word hunt contest. If Gaians participated, they had to go to various parts of the site to gather letters of the alphabet, to make up the "secret phrase."

Contest Info pt1Edit

copied verbatim

One clue, for one letter, will be given out here daily (M - F) at various times. Solve the clue, collect the letter, and figure out the phrase. That's all you have to do. To make if fun and challenging, some clues will be easy and some will require some real thought.

Each X represents a letter, and the entire series of letters makes up the “secret phrase.” It has 10 words and looks like this:


Each day, one additional clue will be given out here so subscribe to this thread and check back daily. The clues will be added below and good luck everyone!

Post here whether you're going to try or not and why.

Contest Info pt2Edit


[NPC] admin: AnnouncementsEdit

  • Oct 3 Gaia Word Hunt Contest! [1]

Hey guys, we’ve started an exciting new contest called the Gaia Word Hunt! All you need to do is search through various parts of Gaia and gather the letters that make up the “secret phrase.” First person to guess the phrase will earn so much Gold, they’ll be swimming in it!

Visit the contest thread for more info. Happy hunting!

Start Hunting
  • Oct 13 Join the Gaia Word Hunt Contest going on now! [2]

Hey guys, the brain-twisting Gaia Word Hunt contest is underway but it's not too late to join in! All you need to do is guess the alphabet letters that make up the “secret phrase” based on the clues given. The first person to guess the phrase will earn so much Gold, they’ll be swimming in it! We've already given out all the clues to one of the words in the secret phrase! Can you figure out what it is?!

Try your hand at this easy, yet fun word contest and happy hunting!

Start Hunting!
  • Oct 20 Join the Gaia Word Hunt Contest going on now! [3]

Hey guys, the brain-twisting Gaia Word Hunt contest is underway but it's not too late to join in! All you need to do is guess the alphabet letters that make up the “secret phrase” based on the clues given. The first person to guess the phrase will earn so much Gold, they’ll be swimming in it! We're almost half-way done with the secret phrase! Can you figure out what it is?!

Try your hand at this easy, yet fun word contest and happy hunting!

Start hunting!!!
  • Nov 10 Join the Gaia Word Hunt Contest: The Final Stretch! [4]

Hey Gaians!

The brain-twisting Gaia Word Hunt contest is still underway, and we're in the final stretch! We already have two winners, but there's still room for one more. All you need to do is guess the letters that make up the “secret phrase” based on the daily clues. The first person to guess the phrase will earn an unreasonable amount of Gold. Think you can figure it out and take home the final prize?

If so, head to the contest thread and give it a shot. Happy hunting!

Join Now
  • Nov 14 Word Hunt Contest: The Winners and Phrase! [5]

Hey Gaians!

After weeks of furious hunting, we now have three winners of the Gaia Online Word Hunt Contest! Our winners were the first ones to figure out the secret phrase from the daily clues; congrats to the sharp-minded victors, but also to everyone who's been following along the past month and a half. You guys were really creative in figuring out the daily puzzles!

You can visit the contest thread to find out who won and gawk at their prizes, and depending on the poll results, what the winning phrase was. Should we do this again in the future? Let us know!

More Info

eaTaiaG: AnnouncementEdit

Your Gaia Online Word Hunt winners are!

(See Winner/s below)

Wow we’ve been at this for a while, haven’t we? This Word Hunt started on October 3 and we finally got our third winner November 11. We would like to thank everyone who participated in this contest. We know that there may have some rough spots but we hope that everyone had an overall great time. We certainly did! Everyone worked incredibly hard to figure out all the different clues and find the secret phrase. It was certainly impressive and we enjoyed logging on everyday to see the feedback! To clear up a couple of concerns, the secret phrase doesn’t require any knowledge of Monster Galaxy. The secret phrase is all public knowledge except for one piece that we haven’t announced just yet, however if you knew the letters then you would be able to guess the phrase. That’s the fun in discovery!

We would like your feedback on the contest, what did you like? What didn’t you like? What would you want to see changed? Would you like to see another contest like this? We have also set up a poll; do you want us to reveal the secret phrase or do you want us to continue to reveal letters (albeit with easier clues)? Just note that this won’t be for a prize, it’ll be all for fun! Let us know! Your feedback is incredibly important to making sure that future contests are a huge success!

Series of Daily Clues:Edit

  • Oct 3 - The clue to one of the letters in the 4th word of the “secret phrase” contains the 2nd letter of our site’s name.
  • Oct 4 - The clue to one of the letters in the 8th word is: The first letter of the thing you dress up on Gaia?
  • Oct 5 - The clue to one of the letters in the 9th word is: all three of the newest games on Gaia have this same letter in their names. What's the common letter? That letter belongs somewhere in the 9th word of the "secret phrase."
  • Oct 6 - The clue to one of the letters in the 4th word is: the name of the female NPC that runs the shop where you can get brand new piercings. What does her name start with?
    BONUS CLUE - For yesterday's Oct 5 clue, here's an extra clue to help you: The letter we're looking for is the [x]th letter of the alphabet where [x] is equal to the date in each month when MC Letters open.
  • Oct 7 - Today's clue will appeal to all you math wizards out there! The letter we're looking for is the [X]th letter of the alphabet (e.g. "a" is 1, "b" is 2, etc.) Now, all you have to do is figure out what the integer answer of the following math formula is:
[X] = ((7*49351)+33/(8888888-1*3)-0+1/3333333)-345431  Get the correct number for [X] and you'll find the letter you need. See why you want to stay in school? XD
  • Oct 10 - The clue to one of the letters in the 3rd word of the "secret phrase" contains the first letter of the shop that you go to to get a laser eye change.
  • Oct 11 - The clue to one of the letters in the 7th word is: If 2 is company and 3 is a crowd, what are 4 and 5? Take the answer(s) and find the corresponding letter (ie: letter "a" is 1, "b" is 2, etc).
  • Oct 12 - I hope you're ready to hunt! This is a clue for the 1st word in the secret phrase. We're looking for the 10th letter of the 2nd word in the location you end up at on the World Map.
    Start from Barton Town on the Gaia World Map and follow the directions below.
Move up 2
Move left 2
Move down 2
Move right 1
Move down 1
Move right 1
Move up 4
Move down 1
Move left 2
Move down 1
  • Oct 13 - The clue to one of the letters in the 4th word of the “secret phrase” contains this letter. In one of our new Shops features, there are three steps. Step two's last letter. (Have you tried this new feature lately?)
Belated Friday Oct 14th Clue - Did you know... that one of the letters in the third word of the secret phrase is also the first letter in the name of a very popular NPC? Okay bye!
  • Oct 17 - This clue is for one of the letters in the second word of the secret phrase. The letter we're looking for is the eighth letter in the name of a very magical location you can find at 33° 48' 35.86", -117° 55' 8.19"
  • Oct 18 (now with 100% accuracy!) - Are you ready for fun? This hunt is for one of the letters in the eighth word in the secret phrase. Follow all the steps exactly as written to get the correct answer.
1. Go to the shop a deranged animal owns.
2. On the first page of the shop there are 15 shirts. Check the price of the 9th shirt. The first number of the gold amount listed is the number that corresponds to a page number within this shop.
3. Calculate the cost of all the items on that page (females and males will get two different amounts, this is fine). Once you have done that, find the average/mean cost of all those items. Once you have that, round it to the nearest whole number.
4. Count up the total number of shops found on the "browser shops" menu bar (don't include Dernier*Cri as it shows up intermittently), then subtract six from that number. Divide the number you received from step three by the number of shops you just calculated. Once you have that, round it to the nearest whole number.
5. Take that number and divide it by the total number of pages found within the shop you're visiting. Once you have that, round it to the nearest whole number.
6. Once you have this number, round it to the nearest ten.
7. Take that number. What you're going to do now is go back to the shop page that corresponds with the numerical value you got to the answer for step 2. Then take the number from step 6 and find the item that corresponds to that number (moving horizontally, left to right, for example, the first item on that page is 1, the second item is 2, the third item is 3, etc)
8. One of the letters to the eighth word of the secret phrase is found within the name of this item. Female avatars: The letter we want is the fourth letter in the third word of the item you have selected. Male avatars: The letter we want is the second letter in the first word of the item you have selected.
  • Oct 19 - The clue to one of the letters in the 3rd word of the "secret phrase" is:
What do all of the following have in common?:
Gaia Online
Fibonacci Sequence
REMINDER: Don't get disqualified by giving away answers or revealing hints.
  • Oct 20 - Zero's note: Remember to redo the clue for Oct 18 if you haven't already!!! The clue to one of the letters in 7th word is hidden somewhere on Gaia. Want to know where? We've left some hints for you to follow. You'll need a pass code to open the door though. Here's the code: /t.75440835/
    The door is right above you, you'rl find yourself clicking on it more than once. Simply replace one pass code with another and open the door.
  • Oct 21 - This clue is for one of the letters in the sixth word of the secret phrase:
    Ucr iruure vtp flyu xz ucr mxezu iruure xy ucr yldr tm ucr YOB bclelbure fct epyz ucr Hlxl glyn.
  • Oct 24 - Right before the end of the day clue!
As I was on the way to a Secret Test Facility
I met a man with seven Grombies
Each Grombie had seven sacks
Each sack had seven Grunnies
Each Grunny had seven Bats (nomnomnom, chock fulla potasium!)
Bats, Grunnies, Sacks, Grombies
How many were going to a Secret Test Facility?

The answer is the one of the letters in the first word. Take the answer and find the corresponding letter (ie: letter "a" is 1, "b" is 2, etc).

  • Oct 25 - This is for one of the letters in the fifth word of the secret phrase. It's time to explore the world again! Tell Jack "Hi" if you come across him, I hope you have candy! Start from the giant hole in the earth.
Move down 3
Move left 3
Move right 1
Move down 1
Move up 1
Move right 7
Move left 2
Move up 1
Move left 2
Move up 1
Move left 1
Move up 1
Move down 3
Move right 2
Move up 3
Move down 4
Move left 1
Move up 1
Move left 3
Move down 1

We're looking for the seventh letter in the name of the location you end up in.

  • Oct 26 - The clue to one of the letters in the 5th word of the "secret phrase" can be found by figuring out the name of the musician or band for each the riddles below. Note: There may be more than one word in the name of the musician or band:
1) Young females who have been dyed a dark reddish-blue color.
2) A large group of people comprised of mentally disordered buffoons.
3) An undomesticated plot of land where vegetables or flowers are grown.
4) Male cat who is displaying a mean, narrow-minded attitude.
5) An opening in something or an area where something is missing.
6) Always bright, luminous, or cloudless.
7) An electrical appliance which can operate on either alternating or direct current.
8) In slang speech, this is a place or state of pure bliss or joy; often used colloquially to describe a "heavenly" experience.
9) The aviator for a granite building which is used for religious or devotional practice.
10) A term for the noises an individual suffering from asthma makes when having difficulty getting air into his/her lungs.
11) More then one large diurnal bird of prey that is known as a symbol of American patriotism.
12) Having a box that can transmit or receive electric impulses or signals and convert them into sound instead of a skull.

Edit: Since some of you are wildly confused, we'd like to give you an example of how to solve the clues.

Example Clue:
A formally titled woman who is crazy, foolish, or marked by wild enthusiasm.

Example Solution:
Formal Title for a Woman: Lady Crazy, foolish, or marked by wild enthusiasm: Definitions of gaga

Answer: Lady Gaga

  • Oct 27 - Do you want a letter to the first word in the secret phrase? Here's a hunt to find it. Remember the door from the clue on Oct 20th? We've rearranged the locks, you'll need a new key: 75589911
  • Oct 28 - Find the following words on Gaia. They all have a letter in common. When you figure this out, you'll get the next letter which is in the 8th word of the "secret phrase":
1078th word of the Terms of Service
96th word of the Rules & Guidelines
154th word of the Safety Tips
388th word of the Privacy Notice
41st word of the Information for Parents page
703rd word of the Supernatural Forum's Rules and Guidelines
839th word of the Site Feedback Rules and Guidelines

Tips for finding the words:

  • Go to Paste in the text you think will fit the number for each page. Click on the Count Words button. Below that it will show you the amount of words you have. If there are too many words, scroll to the bottom of the box where you pasted the text and delete some of the text and press Count Words again. Continue the process until you get the correct number of words.
  • For Terms of Service, Rules & Guidelines, Safety tips and Privacy Notice start at the top of the page underneath the graphic (Gaia Terms of Service, Gaia Rules & Guidelines, etc.) Basically, you start where you can highlight text on the page.
  • For the Rules and Guidelines in the Supernatural and Site Feedback forum make sure to ONLY copy the text inside the post. Do NOT copy everything from the top of the page down.
  • Do NOT count the Related Documents area. If you are highlighting from the first word, this area should not be highlighted, but we are clarifying just in case.
  • Hyphenated or Conjoined words (“security-related” or “and/or”) are considered one word if you are counting manually. Numbers would be considered one word (“1.”). Bullets and other punctuation should NOT be counted as words.
  • If you need to copy more than one post from a page to get the word, do not hit enter after the first post. Adding a new line or space between the post texts might throw off the word you get. Just paste the second post into the word counter.

  • Oct 31st - Happy Halloween puzzlers! Hope you have a spooktacular time out and about this evening. Remember to stay safe! biggrin

Now, onto to today's clue. There have been some changes since Friday. We had planned to launch a massive and extremely difficult clue today, but given that it is Halloween, and that many of you are still reeling from Friday's clue, we decided to leave that one until tomorrow.

For today, the clue to one of the letters in the 10th word of the secret phrase can be found by solving the following riddle:

You won't find this in Heaven, but you will find it in the GD.
You won't find this in the place you are welcomed, but it is in a place for letting us know how we're doing.
It is not in your tank, but it is in at least one Gaia lake.
It is in the place you can sell your wares, but it is not in the place where you can buy and sell our wares.
It is not in the place where you blend ingredients for items, but it is found in the Halloween forum where wolves are blended with humans.

Figure this out, and you'll know the letter!

Hint: Think about Gaia forum names... find the forums, and you'll find the answer!

  • Nov. 1st

Hello again puzzlers! We're *still" laboring over the clue from last week - can you believe it? So that is not ready to go out yet. Once we get that done, we'll throw it out there. In the meantime, here is today's clue - enjoy!

To find the clue to one of the letters in the 7th word of the secret phrase, you just have to figure out what the picture means. Today's clue will require you all to think universally - not to worry, every user has one! And as an added bonus, the letter for today is the same as the letter for yesterday. Find one of them, and you find both. It's a twofer!

Contest GaiaWordHunt clue110111

  • Nov. 2nd

Instead of a clue for a new letter today, we’ll try something new: confirming one of the past words for you. The clues to the fourth word were all given out already and it might help some of you to get confirmation that you’re on the right track. Don’t be discouraged if a couple clues stump you…they’re supposed to, otherwise it wouldn’t be fun/challenging. Once you have all the pieces of the puzzle, they’ll magically fall into place and you’ll know what the phrase is, win the FIVE MILLION gold prize, have men/women swoon all over you, and you’ll become the world’s smartest Gaian. The last part is subject to opinion. blaugh So here’s today’s confirmation:

The answers to the 3-letter word, in the proper order of arrangement, are the letters: A, N, and D. Did you get them all yourself? See how we did that? That’s a clue into how our twisted minds think sometimes…but occasionally we’ll throw a curve ball too. Take a breather today and good luck tomorrow – you’re gonna need it! Mmmwwuuuaaaahhhhhhhh…

  • Nov. 3rd

The clue to one of the letters in the 5th word of the “secret phrase” can only be gotten only contacting us for the riddle!

Let's pretend you have a payment issue. Imagine you "bought" today's clue with Gaia cash but didn't get your clue. Not a good experience to be sure!

In normal situations, Gaians who have problems with their Gaia cash, payments, or sponsored offers can file a billing ticket to get the issue resolved by the billing support team. To get today's clue, you'll also need to file a billing ticket! At the footer of almost every page on Gaia, click on Contact Us, then scroll to the bottom of that page to do so.

When filing your ticket, you just have to make sure to do the following:

a) Select 'Billing Inquiry" as the subject
b) Put "Word Hunt Clue" in the "Which account was affected?" text field
c) Put "Give me the word Hunt clue for Oct. 28th, 2011!" in the 'What exactly happened?" field.
d) Select today's date in the 'Date Incident Occurred" section
e) Any Time Zone is fine for the "Time Zone" field.
f) Choose "Other" for billing method.
g) Click "Finish" button to submit your report.

If you've successfully filed a ticket, you'll receive an email reply to your billing ticket with today's clue to the letter in the secret word. Make sure to check your inbox as well as any spam or junk mail folders - just in case the email got filtered to your spam/junk pile.

Also, our billing tickets will send out an automatic reply - just to make some initial contact with you to let you know we got your ticket. The 7 day resolution mentioned in the initial reply is for normal billing issues, but not applicable for this contest. Contest entries will not require investigation, and will be handled pretty much as quickly as we can get them biggrin

Happy clue hunting puzzlers! biggrin

P.S. - This clue was tested by 5 different Admins and we all got the same, correct answer so we expect that you should all be able to get the correct answer as well.

Edit: If you are having trouble getting to the page to file a ticket, be sure to clear your cookies, especially your cookies for gaiaonlinehelp. This should let you get back into the form to submit a ticket!

  • Nov 4: The letter to the secret phrase? Simple enough, the items will tell you what it is. Use the description to your advantage. Good luck. (And if there is any confusion about what counts as words and all that, simply reference the rules from the previous clues.)
Opera, Singer, Forlorn - The third word.
Machine, Background, Aquarium, Fun - The last word.
Specimen, Werewolf - The fourth word.
Big, Top, The - The first word.
Balloon, Blue, Mylar, Birthday - The last word.
Letter, Thank, 2005, May - The tenth word.
Egyptian, Passage, Secret, Golden - The seventh word.
Manor, Ravenwood - Second word.

Now that you have that, use the item IDs to help find your location.

Vest, Spirited, Puff, 2k7 - The third and fourth numbers.
Liquid, Vial, Unknown, Of - The last two numbers.
Grunny - The last two numbers.
June, Letter, You, Thank, 2006 - The second and third numbers.
  • Nov 7: What do the following things have in common?
Gaia Online
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Celestial Signs

If you've found out what they have in common, then you'll find the letter. The letter you're looking for is the third letter in the name of the independent party helping us. This letter is for the 7th word of the secret phrase.

  • Nov. 8th

Today's clue won't be too difficult - we hope it won't anyway!

Over the course of the Word Hunt, there have been several of us working on these clues. We want you to know who we are! Here are our Gaia usernames:

Jak Bauer
Social Nick
Moga Chris
Uncle Kenny
Zero Omega

Now, for today's clue: To find one of the letters in 3rd word of the secret phrase, you need to figure out the main difference between all of the listed clue givers/creators. Not to worry - this difference can be summed up in one word! Figure out what this word is, and find the 5th letter (but not the last letter) of this word, and that is the letter you are looking for. Happy hunting puzzlers. We suggest you start with the forums and profiles...

  • Nov. 9th

Hey puzzlers! Our apologies for the lack of clue today. We had intended to get it out to you, but ran into some other pressing issues and were unable to finish it up properly. Rather than give you a confusing, half-hearted clue, we decided it would be best to give you two clues tomorrow. We're sorry about this but take heart - tomorrow is double clue day! So rest up and be prepared for a heaping serving of clue-filled goodness coming your way! biggrin

Nov. 10th - Double Clue Day!

First Clue:

The clue to one of the letters in the 9th word is:

Solve the puzzle shown in the image below and find the number.

Contest GaiaWordHunt sudoclue

The number you're looking for is in the cell where the 1st column and the 2nd row meet within the 1st sub-square of the 2nd row of sub-squares in the 9x9 puzzle grid.

Take this number and double it. Now add half of the original number to the doubled number. Use this new number and go to that page in the "Interlude" manga. Find the name of the character who is drawn the most on this page.

The letter you're looking for is the 3rd letter in the name of this character.

  • Second Clue:

The clue to one of the letters in the 6th word of the secret phrase can be found by solving a crossword puzzle. There is a twist though - would you expect anything else?! You see that some squares on the crossword chart are yellow - these are important because you'll have to unscramble these letters to make a phrase that tells you the letter you are looking for. So, to recap, solve the crossword puzzle, then take the letters from the yellow boxes in words you have in your puzzle, and rearrange these letters into a phrase that tells you the letter for the 6th word of the secret phrase.

Contest GaiaWordHunt crosscluesheet2


1) This is the type of contest you are trying to win.
2) The original name of Gaia Online; the URL to the site used to say this.
3) The only NPC of the family Cervidae, this character might bite you, so be careful!
4) Each month, these items awarded to the Top Fishers of Gaia's lakes.
5) This NPC was once turned into a cow - mooooooooo!
6) The surname of the most powerful family on Gaia.
7) The Gaia game where you can battle Mogas, fight friends, and evolve creatures!
8) The Gaia game where you test your wits and build some robots in this electrifying puzzler.
10) You can catch a Kohaku Koi in this lake.
11) This game on Gaia asks you to build up your defenses and attack your friends in order to protect your property!
14) This is the name of your little character you use to represent yourself on Gaia.
18) This tasty ingredient was a major part of the recent summer event.
19) Attend one of these gatherings, and you'll run into DJ Helsing!
24) The name of the alien race that invaded Gaia.
26) This is the name for the captain-run places where Gaians can hang-out with their own group of friends that share common interests.
28) The blending of one or more items to create a new item is called this.
30) People that care about you - the best part of Gaia for many people.
31) This is what it is called when you use deception and trickery to fool people out of their items or gold. It will also get you banned if you are caught doing it!
32) This is the username of the person who created this contest!
34) This once-good-turned-evil NPC/EI loves smooth jazz - but who doesn't?!
35) Brother of Zhivago.


2) The first part of the email address where you send your guesses for this contest.
9) The fast-paced auction game where you can buy tickets to try and win a chance to buy a rare item.
12) The name of the second user on the site.
13) The name of the link you have to click to get assistance from the Community and Customer Support team.
15) This is what it is called when you go into another user's account and steal his/her items. Like 31 down, this will also get you banned if you are caught doing it!
16) This word is the "C" in GCD.
17) This is place where people like to show off their cars.
20) One of the founders of Gaia Online.
21) These are activities that happen during holidays, and participating in them can get you some neat items.
22) This salty character oversees the Ol' Fishin' Hole... arrrrrrggghh!
23) These creatures were the foes of humans in the Halloween 2011 event.
25) This Gaia game lets you team up with friends and battle the Animated.
27) This NPC donned a Lara Croft costume for Halloween this year.
29) This is the game the GGW team plays each spring and summer.
30) Play this Gaia game to get the Angelic Rod.
33) The only forum on Gaia where spam is allowed (not encouraged, mind you, but allowed!)
34) This is the text containing teh site rules that you agree to follow when you create an account.
36) This was the first company to "take over" Gaia. Don't be fooled by this clue!
37) A volunteer for Gaia, this person helps resolve reports and provides help and information to all Gaians who need his/her assistance.
38) The mutant rabbit that resulted from a G-Corp experiment gone bad... very bad!
  • Important Notes:
  • Some of the answers in the puzzle are actually more than one word put together. So, for example, if the answer you think you want is "site feedback", you'd enter "sitefeedback" into the form. Words have also been edited to omit hyphens, dashes, aposhtrophes, or any other non-alphabetic character.
  • If you are planning to print out the crossword puzzle image to fill in the letters, you'll need to print it in color so the yellow squares show up on the sheet. If you don't have a color printer, you can just highlight the squares on the page. And if you are not planning on printing this image out, just be sure not to forget which squares are highlighted yellow (e.g. 5th letter of 7 down is yellow)

IMPORTANT FYI: Just so you all know, we already have two of the three potential winners for this contest - we just got these entries yesterday and today. We are in the process of verifying their submissions, but so far they are looking great! Bear this in mind because that means there is likely only ONE spot left to win. You better get to solving these clues and finding the letters if you want to nab a gold prize! Best of luck to everyone biggrin


Hey Gaians!

The poll looks really split down the middle! … Or not. We’ve reviewed the thread to see what everyone thinks of revealing the secret phrase and there do seem to be an overwhelming majority who want it to be revealed. However there is also a group of people who want to keep trying, so we’ll come to a compromise. Today we’ll post the answers to all the clues that were posted and let you guys try to guess what the secret phrase is. If people still can’t figure out the phrase within 24 hours, we’ll and post it in white text. That way if you want the big spoiler, all you have to do is highlight the answer!

Here are all the answers to the clues:

Oct 3: A
Oct 4: A
Oct 5: O
Oct 6: N
Oct 7: Z
Oct 10: S
Oct 11: I
Oct 12: 4 and 5 is 9. So, I
Oct 13: D
Oct 14: Okay… Bye! Diedrich. D
Oct 17: The magical location? Disneyland! A
Oct 18: R
Oct 19: They all have A in common.
Oct 20: E
Oct 21: Did you figure out the cipher? M
Oct 24: Just one man going to the test facility. A
Oct 25: E
Oct 26: Indigo Girls
Insane Clown Posses
Savage Garden
Tom Petty
Stone Temple Pilots

Do you see it now? I

Oct 27: Try highlighting the second post of the thread. All of it! G
Oct 28: I bet you’re all anticipating the answer to this one. E
Oct 31: Forums! S
Nov 1: They’re all different forms of “S” in different writing forms.
Nov 3: B
Nov 4: Were you able to put the puzzle pieces together? R
Nov 7: The independent party? Radar Pictures. D
Nov 8: Everyone but Uncle Kenny is an admin. Uncle Kenny is a developer. L
Nov 10: M and R
Nov 11: Forum Assistants were previously known as Helpers and Moderator Assistants. F

Think you might know the secret phrase now? Send an e-mail off to gaiacontests [at] gaiaonline [dot] com (be sure to reformat the address). We'd love to see your guesses (all the prizes have been granted though)!


  • First Place: smile_its_me
  • Second Place: Tigerroll
  • Third Place: Thestreeter


  • Prize: 5,000,000 Gaia Gold
  • Prize: 2,500,000 Gaia Gold
  • Prize: 100,000 Gaia Gold


  • A poll was created after the contest called "Do you want the secret phrase to be revealed?". The options were: Yes! Tell me already!; No! Keep giving me clues! I want to figure it out!; Neither! I just want gold!.
  • The answers to the clues were revealed on November 16th.

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