Colonial is the name of a set of items for male and female avatars with a pilgrim theme.

Barton BoutiqueEdit


  • Colonial Top: I'll give you a BUCKLE sandwich! (3,800 Gold)
  • Colonial Cape: You can't hide from what you did. (5,700 Gold)
  • Colonial Dress: If you were so gosh darn prim and proper, how could you let them KILL KILL KILL?! (3,750 Gold)


  • Colonial Pants: Colonials are like ants. They spread out and take things that are not theirs and then bring them back to their queen... (3,300 Gold)
  • Colonial Stockings: Opaque black stockings designed to cover EVERYTHING. (750 Gold)


  • Colonial Leather Boot: A tough leather boot for the adventurous soul. (2,550 Gold)
  • Colonial Leather Shoe: A tough leather shoe for the adventurous soul. (2,550 Gold)

Gambino Hat RackEdit


  • Colonial Hat: A simple black hat adorned with a buckle above its brim. Upon looking down, you notice a buckle on your belt as well... WTH?! A buckle on both my head AND on my waist?! O_O Aye carumba!!! (4,900 Gold)
  • Colonial Bonnet: This bonnet rocks! People ACTUALLY FLY!!!! (3,500 Gold)