Guild for Club Verge Members
 Guild Owner  = [NPC] P.U.G.
 Total Members   = 20,600+ as of April 2014
 Total Posts   = 100,200+ As of April 2014
 Entry Fee   = 0
 Forum Type   = Hidden
 Established on   = Jul 15 2013
 Guild Account   = 26155733 
 Vice Captain   =  Princess Angelishia and siskataya
 Crew   = starzXnight, Jak Bauer, and Sandokiri 

The Club Verge Guild is connected to the cash shop Club Verge; those who have spent a certain amount of Gaia Cash will be automatically accepted into the Guild. Users who achieve the requirements are sent a Private Message, by P.U.G..


Welcome to the Club Verge Guild!

This is an exclusive guild for Gaians who have access to the Club Verge shop. Please feel free to hang out, make friends, and give your feedback on Club Verge items or make suggestions for new items you'd like to see in the shop.

As well, we'll be running specialty contests specifically for Club Verge members. Join in the fun and you might win some fantastic prizes like Gaia gold, Gaia cash, or items.

As a Club Verge member you get:

• A free Club Verge membership pin item.
• A free birthday surprise every year!
• Access to the Verge shop, which sells brand-new, highly desirable items including exclusive premium Mythril Birthstone items, and offers members early access to select fabulous items.
• Entry to the Verge guild, where members can give Gaia's artists direct feedback on future Verge shop item releases.

Enjoy, and please let us know if you need anything to make your stay more enjoyable.


  • Items: Requests & Recolors
  • Contests and Guild Events
  • Custom SDPlus Dolls
  • Bug Reports & Support
  • Item Buying/Selling


External linksEdit

  • Guild Club Verge Guild (private.)

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