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The Christmas 2k8 (aka X-Mas 2k8) event started on December 18, 2008 and ended on December 25, 2008.


The X-Mas 2k8 Event plays off the incident that happened 2 years prior in December 2006 when a pair of Zurg decided to have fun with a ranch cow by lifting it up with a tractor beam. It was that moment when Santa Claus happen to walk by and spot the odd event and ended up getting too close, resulting in him getting caught in the beam and both Elf and Creature ended up being accidentally lifted into power-lines, causing their minds to be transferred.It was this year that Mrs. Claus and her NPC:ElfTechs came up with a plan to return Santa back to normal by use of a machine called the Cheer Coil.

Event BeginningEdit

Xmas2k8 MainPage1

Event Main Page, with Community Cheer: 14%

Santa cow

Santa Cow

The 8 Days of Christmas began; it was a countdown to the main Event. The front page displayed holiday related items and by clicking on the images, Gaians would be directed to the Gold Shops. It was overall, their choice whether they wanted to get into the holiday spirit by buying holiday items to equip. Though some Gaians mistook this countdown as the actual event and were upset, it wasn't until Fleep (a Developer) posted on the misunderstanding that it was clear that it was not an Event at all.

There was a Poetry Contest in the Writing Arena where Gaians could submit their Holiday themed poem for a prize. There also was a X-Mas 2008 Event Forum, where Cindy Donovinh gave a report on how this event came to be by directing readers to the 2-page manga "The Santa-Cow Incident".

  • Dec 17

Users could carol to NPCs in Shops to earn Spirited clothing. In zOMG!, an X-Mas Tree appeared in Barton where users could click presents to receive a prize or get attacked, the same process was adapted again for Christmas 2k9. (See also X-Mas 2009 on the zOMG wiki.)

  • Dec 18

The event page opened to the public and the 8-page manga "O Holy Cow" was released, which told the story of the ElfTechs trying to find Santa Cow.

Event GameplayEdit

  • Copied verbatim from Event Page

Santa's helpers need your help for a change! Each time you build a toy, you will be assisting a different Elf, who will appear at the top of the site. Pay attention to what he needs, and get him toy parts from the The Ole Fishing Hole!

To build each toy, your elf needs you to find 3 parts. Your elf will hint at which parts he needs, though sometimes he won't need any. Keep using the site, and eventually your elf will ask for your help.

X-Mas cheer is generated by every toy you build. Generate X-Mas cheer to save Santa! For each toy you build, you will earn event prizes! Prizes get better as you build more toys.

You earn small prizes for turning in parts, and big prizes for building toys! There are only 8 exclusive X-Mas 2008 prizes... build toys to get them all!


Cindy Donovinh: AnnouncementEdit

  • Dec 12 Announcement: X-mas '08: The Story So Far... [2]

Good afternoon, Gaians. This is Cindy Donovinh reporting for Gaia 9 Action News. The X-mas event is starting very soon, so please join us for a quick recap of the story so far:

It's been two years since Santa, the beloved bearded mascot of the holiday season, had his mind swapped with that of a hapless cow during a failed abduction attempt by the Zurg.

(For the full report on this event, visit the Manga Archives)

Since then, Santa has kept a low profile: the whereabouts of the cow housing Santa's mind are currently unknown, although he's been seen in the company of famed Gaia cattleman Rancher Bill. Santa's human form, cursed with a bovine mind, has been kept under tight wraps since the incident, probably to avoid the emotional trauma of seeing a legendary public figure standing on all fours and eating grass.

Though solid details are elusive, Action News has received anonymous reports that the ElfTech program—Santa's elite cadre of elf scientists—has been revived by his wife, Mrs. Claus. The exact purpose of the renewed ElfTech effort is unknown, but our sources speculate that they intend to return Santa's mind to his human body.

"We have no idea how they'll do it," says a source close to the situation. "It would take an unbelievable amount of energy to match the original Zurg abduction ray that scrambled Santa's mind, and generating such a charge would be next to impossible with our current technology."

Stay tuned for further updates on the Santa situation, and have a wonderful holiday season! Feel free to use this forum to speculate on Santa's situation, or to send your holiday wishes to your fellow Gaians. "icon_heart.gif"

The Rest of the event: NPC:ElfTech DialogueEdit

  • Dec 18
  • Angry Xmas2k8 angry
-Arrgh, I'm just so TENSE all the time... wish I could say the same for this horrible, flaccid toy...
-Buzz off, chump. If I needed your help, I'd take it from you.
-Gonna need something to light this baby up. Oh! That reminds me… due in court on a battery charge.
-Hey! Get this thing under the tree! We ain't got all day, kid.
-Listen up: as long as Santa's out of the picture, I call the shots around here. Got it?
-Pff. Toys. When I was a kid, all I had to play with were cigarette butts and old nails, and I turned out fine.
-This thing needs a blade, and I lost mine inside the last sorry chump who tried to talk at me.
-This toy factory thing is just a seasonal gig. My true calling is in stealing hubcaps.
-This toy factory thing is just a seasonal gig. My true calling is in stealing hubcaps.
-Watch it with the eye contact, buddy, or so help me I'll slap the freckles off your mug.
-What this son of a gun needs is some bounce. Fetch me a spring, will ya?
-What'sa matter, chump? Never been punched in the head by an elf before?
-You know, makin' toys ain't so bad. Back in the joint I had to stamp out license plates all day.

  • Gramps Xmas2k8 gramps
-Ah, that's the stuff! OK, the toy is complete. Let's just slide it under the tree like so...
-Back in my day, springs were a luxury. You shouldn't have any trouble getting me one.
-Huh? What do ya want from me? Can't you see I'm resting.
-My hands aren't as steady as they used to be, but I can still make a toy as good as any elf.
-Toys you say? I was making toys when you were crawling around in diapers.
-When I was a lad, toys were made out of lead, asbestos, and weapons grade uranium.

  • Mopey Xmas2k8 mopey
-Choking hazards, pointy pieces, wrapping paper fatalities. X-Mas is the worst time of year.
-Hey there! We need some help recovering Santa!
-It's so cold and dreary at the North Pole all year 'round. I guess I deserve to be there...
-Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle... oh who am I kidding. I can't stand bells.
-Mrs. Claus won't let me near razors anymore, so I need you to find one for this toy.
-Oh look. The toy's ready. I guess we should put it under the tree to make someone ELSE happy. *sigh*
-Santa always said my toys were too cold. I guess I should add some kerosene to it.
-The spring on this toy broke. Of course. As always. *sigh* Find me another?
-This toy is so sad. A pair of googly eyes would help make it positively depressing.
-What's the point of bringing Santa back? Either way I work, and either way I'm miserable.

  • Sickly Xmas2k8 sickly
-Could you bring me some fuel for this? Not too much, though... the fumes make me so dizzy...
-Do you think I need to wash my hand if I accidentally touch my other hand?
-Do you think a cracked fingernail could get worse and worse until it damages the integrity of your skeleton and your skull just kinda falls in half?
-Does my shoulder look big to you? I think my shoulder looks bigger. Oh no, what if it's a big shoulder tumor? Do those exist?
-Does this freckle look infected? Maybe it's skin cancer, or that flesh-eating bact-- oh, wait, it's barbecue sauce.
-Huh? Speak up, I have a terrible, seeping ear infection...
-I think I need a spring... I'm so sick of winter. I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder.
-I'll bet this workshop is crawling with bacteria... I can feel them swimming over my eyeball membranes...
-Ugh, my eye itches. Do you think it's some kind of horrible eye disease? I bet it is...
-What if I poke myself on a sewing needle and get blood poisoning and my veins turn black and I fall down dead? WHAT THEN?
-Would you put this toy under the tree for me? I feel too faint to walk that far...

-Hey, little buddy! You don't have a couch I can sleep on, do you?
-I know a guy who has a primo hookup on some speakers. Could you spot me about 20,000 Gold?
-Me? Just working for some extra greenbacks, then I'm fixing my van and hitting the road.
-Now to put it all together... Boom! Another awesome toy for the tree courtesy of you and the Stevester.
-Thinking of airbrushing a dragon on the side of my van. No big deal.
-This toy needs a serious injection of googly eyes. Bring 'em to me!
-What this son of a gun needs is some bounce. Fetch me a spring, will ya?

Event ConclusionEdit

Xmas2k8 MainPage2

Event Main Page, with Community Cheer: 100%

  • Dec 25

With the Cheer Coil at maximum the transfer of Santa's mentality from Cow back to Elf was successful. Steve the Elf proclaimed "We did it! Santa's back! I wonder what they're saying about this on the news...".

This lead Gaians to the manga "Santa Saved!".

Event ItemsEdit

Event Items: CarolingEdit

As always, Gaians were able to carol in shops or in Gaia Towns to earn Spirited clothing.

Spirited itemsEdit

  • Spirited 2k8 Santa Hat - A long, striped Santa hat, a unique hat to wear during the holidays
  • Spirited 2k8 Peppermint Cap - A peppermint-striped newsboy cap, a more practical way to be festive
  • Spirited 2k8 Festive Bow - A large, festive bow, created from the gift wrapping of your many presents!
  • Spirited 2k8 Scarf - Warm and fuzzy with slanted stripes, a nice accent for any holiday outfit
  • Spirited 2k8 Candycane Vest - A striped vest with bell buttons for more dignified holiday attire
  • Spirited 2k8 Candycane Dress - A festive dress with diagnol stripes to hide those holiday food pounds you've put on
  • Spirited 2k8 Boots - Furry and warm on the inside to keep your toes toasty when caroling out in the snow
  • Spirited 2k8 Candycane Stockings - Festive stockings with slanted stripes that would make any legs look good

Caroling phrasesEdit

What NPCs say when Gaians clicked to their shop to carol.

  • Carol: What a nice X-mas carol! Keep caroling by visiting different shops and you might get a gift!
  • Carol too Quickly: Oo, you need to take a little break from caroling! You'll be able to carol again in (# secs).
  • Carol Complete: You've been singing all day! That's the X-mas spirit! Here's a gift for all your dedication: (Spirited item).

Event Items: Cheer CoilEdit

  • Cheer-O-Meter - This remarkable technology is now portable! Impress your friends or make brand new ones out of strangers by measuring their holiday cheer levels.
  • Elf Science - You sure this isn't gonna turn me into a freakishly mutated fly or something?
  • Mountain of Presents - You were so good this year you got a MOUNTAIN of gifts! JOY!!
  • My Own Little Elftech - If you're ever mind-swapped with livestock during an alien abduction mishap, this guy can help.
  • Santa Cow Plushie - After Santa got turned into a cow the mischeivous elves made this plushie of him for a laugh
  • Starhat - You're a shining star!
  • Tangled Christmas Lights - There's nothing worse than pulling out the Christmas decorations and finding the lights in ONE GIANT TANGLED MESS because someone couldn't put them away properly last year!!!
  • You are a Cow - ... Moo?

Give the Toy partEdit

  • 2008 Xmas Battery
  • 2008 Xmas Googly Eyes
  • 2008 Xmas Kerosene
  • 2008 Xmas Spring
  • 2008 Xmas Straight Razor

Event Items: zOMGEdit

  • Coal Sprite - These cute little spirits thrive on naughty thoughts. Take extra care around the Gaian who sports more than one or two...
Recipe: Coal Sprite - If you smash enough Coal-ossal Fail together, sometimes a Sprite emerges.
Recipe Ingredients: 30x Coal-ossal Fail
  • Peppermint Squid - Ia! Ia!
Recipe: Peppermint Squid - It's festive! It's a hat! It's a...squid?
Recipe Ingredients: 1x Peppermint / 2x Ribbon / 6x Foam Sponge / 3x Stitches / 2x Wetware Plastic / 1x Sailor Ink / 1x Synthetic Fiber / 1x Tentacle Piece
  • Reindurr - A festive reindeer backpack with plenty of extra space due to the amount of air in this poor little guy's head.
Recipe: Reindurr - Make a big dopey air-headed reindeer to wear!
Recipe Ingredients: 1x Jingle Bell / 4x Cotton / 2x Leather / 2x Ribbon / 1x Stitches
  • zOMG Ribbon - N/A
Recipe: zOMG Ribbon - Make a festive ribbon to wear while you're fighting!
Recipe Ingredients: 1x Festive Ribbon / 3x Copper / 2x Garlic Peel / 1x Silk

Ingredients: zOMGEdit

  • Coal-ossal Fail - There are many lumps of coal in the world. But this one is yours.
  • Festive Ribbon - Perfect for putting on presents or for decorating a tree.
  • Jingle Bell - All horse- or reindeer-powered sleighs should have these on them during the holiday season.
  • Peppermint - Melt it in hot chocolate, chew on it to feel festive, or give it as a gift if you're feeling cheap.

Glitches & ProblemsEdit

As no event on Gaia has ever gone on without glitches, the 2k9 Xmas event was no exception, though not severe and they were quickly corrected.

Dev AlertsEdit

  • Dec 11 8 Days of X-Mas is NOT the X-Mas event [3]

Hey guys,

Just a heads up that the "8-Days of X-Mas" is NOT the X-Mas event—but it is a countdown to it. We'll be doing a fuller announcement tomorrow I think (no promises!).

I talk a little bit about it in my latest journal.

EDIT: Note guys - I figured most people knew this, but we were flagged that a few users didn't and were upset about it, so I figured I'd post a clarification "icon_biggrin.gif"

  • Dec 19 Announcement: zOMG Item Change [4]

Hey guys,

Due to a miscommunication and a glitch, we were granting much more zOMG loot than we had anticipated. I patched it this morning so that instead of getting 2 zOMG loot every time you turned in a part to your elf, you now receive just 1 zOMG loot every time you hit the halfway point on creating a toy.

So this means you now get 8 zOMG loot from the event, and 8 event items - for a new total of 16.

To anyone who may feel as though they missed out on the first day of fat lewt, I have to apologize - but the amount being given out now is the correct amount.


  • The blond elf named Steve was one of the first ElfTechs to be seen in a manga fully drawn and with dialogue.
  • This was the first Christmas event for zOMG! since it debut in November 2008.
  • The EI Report: New item - Anima Adamantea!. Was Mrs. Claus second appearance since the November 2005 arrival of Map:S CORP.
  • From 2008 to 2010 the winners of the Holiday Poem Contest have not been announced.