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Christmas of 2007 was introduced on December 20 with a report from Cindy Donovinh and Gaia 9 Action News. Cindy was outside Shabby Meadows Orphanage, Gaia's filthiest orphanage, talking to a young girl named Monia.

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And what's your name, little girl?
M'name's Monia, ma'am.
Oh my, what a lovely name!
It's short fer pneumonia. *cough*
So, what's life like at Shabby Meadows?
Awright, I s'pose. We eat sometimes, and we got some ol' bits of rocks to play with. Sometimes we find a whole rock, but we use 'em up pretty quick. Sometimes we play with Mr. Raccoon, but he's kinda surly. That's whyfor Billy only got one thumb. An' sometimes we eat. Did I say that already? Food's purdy scarce, ma'am. Say, you got any gruel in that fancy truck a' yours?
Why no, I don't have any gruel... would you like a cucumber sandwich, perhaps? I believe we have a snack tray in the news van...
Naw, thanks just the same, ma'am, but our stomachs are too weak for proper food. We gotta eat orphan food. You know, like gruel an' ratmeal an' industrial hardtack, an' stuff like that.
If times are so tough around here, why not go next door to the adoption agency? I'm sure there are many wonderful families who'd love to have a beautiful girl like you as their daughter!
Oh, I dunno. Maybe if we were a little more presen'able. I got these old clothes, lookin' all shabby… kinda shameful! Them nice families won't got much use fer a critter like me, cept'n maybe to use fer a dish-rag.
I see. Without Santa around, how will the children at Shabby Meadows celebrate?
Christmas2k7 interview2
Welp, I guess we gotta make our own presents, ma'am. I made this'a here doll outta teeth and hair.
It's lovely, dear! Where did you find such shiny teeth to use for eyes? Show it to the camera, so the nice people at home can see.


Cindy Donovinh went on to explain how the Gaian public could help the orphans of Shabby Meadows Orphanage. Gaians could pick up an orphan, and it would follow their new temporary caregiver around, telling them about themselves. Occasionally, the orphan would tell its caregiver that it was hungry, bored or sick, and the caregiver could buy the necessary item to help from The Ole Fishing Hole. As the caregiver would help the orphan, he or she would eventually become presentable enough to deliver to the Adoption Agency. Another orphan could then be picked up, and the process repeated. A total of four rewards could be obtained from helping orphans.

As the majority of Gaians missed their orphans after the event ended, the Certificate of Adoption was released in La Victoire, with which a randomly chosen orphan could be adopted, featuring orphans from the event as well as brand-new ones.


Christmas2k7 caroling

Cindy continued to say that unfortunately, Gaia's shopkeepers had to work through the event and it was up to Gaians to cheer them up with carols, an ongoing Gaia tradition. Caroling enough would reward Gaians with the 2007 Spirited set.

Gaia TownsEdit

Christmas2k7 towns

As well as snow entirely covering the ground and snowmen replacing boulders, large ice rinks replaced the traditional fountains in the centre of each neighbourhood map, and a kiosk next to them sold snowballs which could be thrown around. The snowballs were emoticons, however, and not real items. Caroling was also available in Towns; each house had a music scroll outside, which when sung at, would raise the singer's cheer meter slightly. When it filled, an item would be earned, and the 2007 Spirited set could be earned this way instead of caroling in shops.

Santa ClausEdit

Christmas2k7 interview3

Cindy Donovinh concluded her report with 'This has been a special report from Cindy Donovinh and Gaia 9 Action News. We now return to our regularly scheduled broadcast of The Ron Bruise Xmas Special. Happy holidays, Gaians!' An image was then shown of Santa in his cow form holding a remote to his television with Cindy and Monia on the screen. He did not make another appearance through the event.

Event ItemsEdit

Helping orphans and dropping them off at the Adoption Agency earned orphan-themed items. The first would be obtained after helping one orphan, the second after helping three orphans, the third after helping six orphans and the fourth after helping ten orphans. Helping any more orphans would not grant any further items.

  • Ragged Ugly Scarf: A tattered, misshapen scarf made from the hair of orphaned children.
  • Ugly Orphan Sweater: Knitted from dryer lint and old rags, this sweater is a heartfelt gift from an orphan you saved from poverty.
  • Orphan's Elephant Doll: A ragged elephant doll that has been dragged through countless puddles, brambles and thickets. It may not be pretty, but someone loves it!
  • Heart of Gold: Only those with pure intentions who are truly generous can unlock the spirit of giving that warms the heart.

Gaians would be rewarded with Spirited items after carolling enough in shops:

More items were released during the 12 Days of Gaia.

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