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The first signs of the Apocalypsmas event appeared December 14, 2012 with the 12 Day of Gaia, mini event. The true event launched on the 21st. It ended on January 5th, 2013.


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Main page, Apocalypsmas approaches

The event was an 'End of the World' theme based on the superstition of December 2012 and the Mayan calender. More Overview to come

Event timelineEdit

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Main page, completed

  • December 13
Apocalypsmas forum opens to the public
  • December 14
Mini-Event 2k12: 12 Days of Gaia begins
  • December 21
Christmas 2k12 begins
Wing Sticker appears
  • December 25
12 Days of Gaia ends
  • January 05
Apocalypsmas ends


[NPC] Cindy DonovinhEdit

[NPC] Cindy Donovinh
Avatar Cindy
[1] 12 Days of Xmas: Claim Your Free Gifts!
Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:54 pm
This is Cindy Donovinh reporting for Gaia 9 Action News. Even as the holiday season approaches, recent events have been anything but cheery: we’ve seen underworld power struggles between vampires and dark elves, whispers of fiendish occult plots and a general sense of palpable dread. Some hysterical mystics have even predicted that these grim tidings could be signs of the impending apocalypse!

But despite all this doom and gloom, some Gaians are determined to hold onto their last shreds of holiday cheer. More power to them, says this award-winning newswoman-- if the world is truly ending at the end of the month, we might as well huddle around the Xmas tree and enjoy our last days together.

So, apocalypse be damned-- let’s open presents! In the spirit of the season, all Gaians are invited to grab a lovely dozen free items in our Twelve Days of Xmas giveaway. Come on over and claim your first gift, and keep coming back once a day for more!

Get Your Gift

[2] Apocalypsmas Approaches!
Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 6:13 pm
Gaia 9 Action News exclusive! With grim clouds gathering and the skies darkening ominously, it seems that Gais's various doomsayers may be on to something-- could our world truly be coming to an end? This newswoman, with all the optimism she can muster, says "maybe."

On condition of anonymity, Gaia's foremost apocalyptic coward-- oh, hell, the world's ending, I might as well tell you it's Old Man Logan-- gives the following comment:

"Bub, I been doomsday preppin' since you were knee-high to a squirrel. If the world don't end tomorrow, just makes it all the more likely that it's gonna end the day after that. I don't care what some ancient calendar or weirdo cult-gang says. All I know is I feel a bad wind blowin'."

But not everyone shares Logan's dark mood. Many Gaians, despite the ugly tidings, are choosing to celebrate Xmas anyway. Friends and family are coming together to fight the gathering blackness by lighting up a tremendous Xmas tree! You can help contribute to the holiday spirit by powering up ornaments with your cheer and good deeds-- posting in the holiday forums, giving gifts and whatnot-- or you can give in to the darkness and smash ornaments like a petulant world-hating child.

Either way, this is sure to be an Xmas to remember...

Join the World-Ending Fun

Event ConclusionEdit


Event ItemsEdit

Gaians were able to carol in Gaia Shops to earn Spirited clothing, there were shops to carol 22 in total, the exclusions were the La Victoire and Mecha Neko.[1] There was no caroling options for Gaia Towns this year.

Spirited seriesEdit

Xmas2k12 items spirited

  • Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Clip - A tasty looking hair clip.
  • Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Mittens - A pair of candy stripe mittens.
  • Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Scarf - A fancy candy stripe scarf.
  • Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Pants - A sparkly candy stripe pants.
  • Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Shirt - A sparkly festive shirt.
  • Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Boots - A festive pair of boots.​
  • Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Coat - To keep you snugly warm!
  • Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Tophat - A sparkly little tophat with a mistletoe. Pucker up!


Xmas2k12 items apocalypsmas

  • Xmas 2k12 Bell Choir Gloves - Let holiday cheer ring through the streets!
  • Xmas 2k12 Festive Poinsettia Dress - Wear this flowery dress to a holiday party!
  • Xmas 2k12 Festive Poinsettia Coat - A festive holiday jacket inspired by poinsettias.
  • Xmas 2k12 Bah! Humbug! - You're a total scrooge!

12 Days of GaiaEdit

Xmas2k12 items 12daysofgaia

  • Leftover Tin Foil Hat - You're a total fruitcake, buddy, really nutty!
  • Rudolph Gasmask - And if you ever say it, you would even say it glows~! But hopefully not with dangerous radiation.
  • Mutated Snowman - Don't eat the glowing snow.
  • Four Ponies of the Apocalypse - Survival is Magic!
  • Doomsday Party Placard - The end is gonna be so fly, bro.
  • Hoarded Snack Cakes - They might survive the apocalypse, but they won't survive your tummy!
  • DOOM Party Glasses - I'm in the MOOD for DOOM!
  • Holiday Bunker - Chestnuts roasting on a barrel fire...
  • Mrs. Claws Sweater - I survived the Apocalypse, and all I got was this stupid Mrs. Claws sweater. Well, maybe if I wear it ironically...
  • Holiday Feast - Good thing I had all those cans of emergency pumpkin pie filling in my fallout shelter!
  • Ultra Satan Slippers - Thank you Sata—I mean Santa!
  • Wintry Snowglobe - Captive in a winter wonderland~!

Gaia ShopsEdit

The TreehouseEdit

32 Wing Stickers

  • Apocalyptic Explosion - What do you know, they were right!

Caroling quotesEdit

What NPCs said when Gaians clicked to their shop to collect candy, presented Alphabetically.


  • Cresento and Stein: What a nice X-mas carol! Keep caroling by visiting different shops and you might get a gift!
  • Agatha: You look just darling in your winter finery! Care for a candy cane?
  • Becky: Thanks for stopping by, and keep spreading the cheer!
  • Bildeau: I am not programmed for joy, but I will simulate it while you sing.
  • Brennivin: Da zinging ist wunderborken, ja! Like silk panties in mine ears!
  • Carl: (Carl appears indifferent to your song but doesn't attempt to cause you any bodily harm.)
  • Cresento: What a nice X-mas carol! Keep caroling by visiting different shops and you might get a gift! (note:generic comment)
  • Ian: That's some great singing. It pierces me to my semi-vampiric heart.
  • Josie: Thanks, that was great!
  • Liam: Awesome! But do you know any carols about babes?!
  • Louie: Your song is as beautiful as an angel being sucked dry by a vampire.
  • Mirai: Thanks for stopping by with a little holiday cheer!
  • Moira: Smells like Xmas spirit!
  • Natasha: Merry Xmas! It's always good to see the ancient art of caroling in action.
  • Nicolae: Good to see ya! I'm always in the mood for a rousing carol.
  • Old Man Logan: Ya wanna hear me sing? Well get ready, 'cause this will knock yer socks off!
  • Rina: So many great floral arrangements at Xmas! And even more baking!
  • Ruby: Just lovely! And your holiday outfit looks wonderful!
  • Sam: Happy holidays! I'm hoping I get a train-- and not a toy one!
  • Sasha: Yay, carolers! Sing the one about the good thing that happened!
  • Stein: What a nice X-mas carol! Keep caroling by visiting different shops and you might get a gift! (note:generic comment)
  • Vanessa: I've always been a big fan of Santa's beard. A classic style.
  • The Wing Scouts: Spreading Xmas cheer is part of the Wing Scout credo!

Caroling too quickly:

  • Agatha: I need a little break from caroling.
  • Becky: We're hanging mistletoe. Come back later
  • Bildeau: My circuits are cooling, please return after some time has elapsed.
  • Brennivin: Ve are busy, many preparations for holiday time, ja?
  • Carl: (Carl is busy.)
  • Cresento: I've heard that one before. Why don't you try caroling at another store?
  • Ian: Hang on a second, I've to mix up another batch of eggnog
  • Josie: Ooh, give me a minute, I've got some cookies that need to come out of the oven.
  • Liam: Come back in a minute, there's a gnarly wrestling match on.
  • Louie: Please excuse me, I can't tolerate so much infernal screeching at a time.
  • Mirai: I've gotta feed some fish, stop by later.
  • Moira: Hang on, I need to go rock out for a minute to cleanse my caroling palate.
  • Natasha: Hang on, I'm giving this guy a sweet unicorn tat.
  • Nicolae: I'm trying not to attract too much attention. Come back later.
  • Old Man Logan: Gimme a minute bub, I'm needing a sit down.
  • Rina: I think there might have been some pine cones in my last cookie... try me again later.
  • Ruby: Try us again later-- caroling gets Peyo really worked up.
  • Sam: Nomnomnom, too busy eating cookies right now...
  • Sasha: Oh nerds, I'm all out of cookies for you. I'll be back in just a minute...
  • Stein: Oo, you need to take a little break from caroling! You'll be able to carol again in (# secs).
  • Vanessa: Back already? I need a breather.
  • The Wing Scouts: We got too excited and broke an ornament. Come back later-- we're busy gluing it together.

Caroling complete:

  • NPC All: Looks like you've been caroling all day! Here, have something for your dedication: Item Keep your head warm with this cap while bringing merrymaking to everyone!

Criticism & ComplimentsEdit

The biggest criticism with this event was in how bleak it was. This event was meant to poke fun at the Mayan calendar coming to an end, and the rumored end of the world that was to accompany it, so the theme and rewards had a 'doom and gloom', survivalist, apocalypse feel, that most users said, "really killed the Christmas spirit". Items released after December 21st were more 'traditional Christmas' in nature, but again, most users claimed that the effort was, "too little, too late". Many users felt that the apocalypse theme should have been undertoned, rather than being the focus of a Christmas event, and that because of this, it was repeatedly stated that this was the worst Christmas for Gaia to date.

Glitches & ProblemsEdit

Glitches: Site & ForumEdit

  • During caroling for Spirited 2k12 items, upon completion Gaians received last years items instead. This was later corrected.
  • During Apocalypsmas the event was adjusted twice, the reasons were unexplained. However, it was likely done to adjust the speed at which Gaians were completing the event.
    • In the beginning it took 100 energy to receive an ornament. It was later upped to 1000, and then lowered to 300. The percentages for the activity of gaining energy were also altered.

Staff NoticesEdit

  • Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 2:02 pm[2]

Caroling item grant

The 2k12 caroling items are granting from now on, take the 2k11 items you have got as surprising gifts.

  • Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 6:24 pm[3]

Apocalypsmas changes

We have switched Apocalypsmas event from testing value to its real value, which increase the player energy, tree energy and the granted energy of caroling and gifting.

  • Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 5:18 pm[4]

Join me for my "12 Days of Siskmas" Giveaway Contest!

Happy holidays everyone!

To celebrate your awesomeness as a community, I wanted to have a holiday giveaway contest! From December 26th, 2012 (today!) until January 6th,2013 I'll be giving away one super awesome item each day to a lucky Gaian who enters the giveaway contest. And these are no ordinary items my friends - I'm giving away an Ultra Satan, Jet the Kitten Star, various CS bundles, etc. You just have to visit the giveaway contest thread, follow the rules, and maybe you could win!

The contest thread is here: 12 Days of Siskmas Contest Thread

Hope you'll stop by and join the fun, and thanks to all of you for being such a talented, witty, creative, compassionate community. Looking forward to more fun and adventures in 2013!


  • Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:52 am[5]

Happy New Year Gaia! - Let's celebrate with contests! ^^

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great New Year's eve full of friends and fun, and wishing you all the best in 2013! To celebrate the New Year, I'm having a "Resolve to Win" contest - post your New Year's resolutions and you could win 500,000 Gaia gold and some collectible letters for Jan 2013!

To enter the "Resolve to Win!" contest, check out the official contest thread!

Also, don't forget the "12 Days of Siskmas" contest is still going strong, and today's big prize is an Ultra Satan item. I know a lot of you want this item, but you cannot win it if you don't enter! The "12 Days of Siskmas" contest thread can be found here!

Best of luck to everyone who enters these contests, and I'm wishing you all a bright, peaceful, joyous, and inspired New Year!

- Sisky

  • Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 2:24 pm[6]

Xmas Event Ending Friday!

I hope you all had a happy New Year and were able to enjoy our awesome Xmas event. If not, be sure to act soon as the event will be wrapping up at the end of the day on this Friday, the 4th. Caroling, wing stickers, and the event page will all be available through 11:59pm on Friday, but after that they'll disappear for good so make sure you've wrapped up your event festivities by then!

Holiday Bonus Items for GCash Purchases are Ending!

As we announced here, the bonus items for GCash purchases were only going to last for a limited time and that time is now coming to an end. The four bonus items will stop being granted after this Friday, the 4th at 11:59pm. If you want to grab one of these exclusive items, be sure to make your $10+ purchase before then! In case you forgot which payment type gives which item, here's a handy list for you.

Red Panda Scarf - $10 or more purchase using an Ultimate Game Card
Red Panda Slippers - $10 or more purchase using a Zeevex Card
Woodland Fawn Scarf - $10 or more purchase using a Gaia-branded Cash Card
Woodland Fawn Slippers - $10 or more purchase using PayPal

  • Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:02 pm[7]

End of Apocalypsmas

Despite the foreboding sense of apocalyptic doom, you all came together to keep the cheer and joy of the holidays going strong through it all! With your combined efforts, you were able to decorate the tree 88 times for an astounding total of 177,072,200 positive energy, completely overpowering the forces attempting to spread doom and gloom. Congratulations to everyone that helped spread holiday cheer in these trying times, you deserve all that you received. If, for some reason, you didn't get the event achievements that you earned, please post here so that I can take care of getting them to you.

I hope you had fun with this and were able to have a happy holiday both on and off the site!


  • Like Halloween 2k12, since the towns creation, there was no activity to gain items in Gaia Towns, as it is obsolete. This is because Gaia was focusing on building up Gaia Towns 2.[8]
  • This year a new feature was added to caroling, it involved red music note that marked each shop's icon. Once a shop was caroled, the note would disappear. This helped Gaians remember which shop they left off with.
  • During the event, there were posting styles for the event forum. These would change from stars to skulls depending on how the ornament was handled after collecting energy.


Gallery: NPCs in CostumeEdit

Gallery NPC: Christmas

Xmas2k12 bombornament
Last bomb
Xmas2k12 header 1
Header 1
Xmas2k12 header 2
Header 2
Xmas2k12 header 3
Header 3
Xmas2k12 header 4
Header 4
Xmas2k12 header 5
Header 5
Xmas2k12 apocalypsmas header 01ABC
Xmas2k12 apocalypsmas header 02DCF
Xmas2k12 apocalypsmas header 03J8C
Xmas2k12 apocalypsmas header 04LXQ
Xmas2k12 apocalypsmas header 05AW2
Xmas2k12 thread header
Thread header
Xmas2k12 forumheader3
Forum header at 300 energy
Xmas2k12 star
Christmas tree star
Xmas2k12 apoc tree 10
Christmas tree, full
Xmas2k12 forumstyleposting
Forum, style posting
Xmas2k12 carol note
Carol note
Xmas2k12 GaiaShops carousel
Gaia Shop's carousel
Xmas2k12 GaiaShops directory
Gaia Shop's directory

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