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The Christmas 2k11 (aka. Xmas2k11) event started on December 22, 2011 and ended on December 30th. The title for the event was The Carol of Old Pete.


Help Old Pete repay the kindness of strangers in this heartwarming holiday tale!

Event Beginning: First Day & Rest of the EventEdit

Xmas2k11 mainpage2

Xmas 2011 mainpage

  • December 14
Mini-Event 2k11: 12 Days of Gaia begins.
  • December 16
Caroling in shops and towns is activated and an event forum was opened to the public, called Xmas 2011.
  • December 22
Christmas 2k11 begins
Wing Sticker appears
Gaia Storyline Manga update: 56 Carol of Old Pete
Staff ornaments are released
  • December 25
12 Days of Gaia ends
  • December 30
Carol of Old Pete ends


[NPC] Santa Claus: AnnouncementEdit

Xmas2k11 Avatar SantaClaus-r
  • Dec 22 Xmas 2011: The Carol of Old Pete [1]

Merry Xmas, my beloved Gaians! Our holiday festivities have now officially commenced. This year, I'd like you to gather around while I spin a heartwarming story of human kindness: seems like Old Pete, Gaia's most famous hobo, has been overwhelmed with the spirit of giving.

Y'see, Pete was recently given a beautiful Xmas sweater by a kind stranger. Overcome with inscrutable hobo emotion, Pete has decided to repay all the small acts of kindness he's been given over the years-- but he has nothing to give! You can help Pete fulfill his Xmas dreams by donating some items to his quest-- and ol' Santa will see to it that you're nicely rewarded.

As more Gaians donate items, the bar on the event page will slowly fill up and more lovely gifts will be given out! For more info on how to play, check out the instruction thread.

[Read the story] [Help Pete]

Meanwhile, don't forget to go caroling in Towns and in Gaia's many shops-- sing a merry tune to collect some exclusive holiday items.

[Visit Towns] ]Visit Shops]

Event ConclusionEdit

Xmas2k11 donatemeter-color

Donation meter filled


Event ItemsEdit

Event Items: SpiritedEdit


Gaians were able to "activity" in Gaia Shops or in Gaia Towns to earn Spirited clothing. After shop caroling they had to find Santa Claus on the World Map in return for holiday themed clothing. In towns after caroling 50 times, they were instructed to 'Click on the present next to the Cheer Meter to receive a gift'.

  • Spirited 2k11 Caroling Cap - Keep your head warm with this cap while bringing merrymaking to everyone!
  • Spirited 2k11 Merry Mittens - Cute festive mittens!
  • Spirited 2k11 Puffy Shirt - So snuggly soft! Makes you just want to drop to the ground roll around.
  • Spirited 2k11 Puffy Pants - So snuggly soft! Makes you just want to drop to the ground roll around.
  • Spirited 2k11 Merry Boots - Kick up the snow in these shiny red and gold boots!
  • Spirited 2k11 Candy Cane Capelet - Revel in Christmas festivities in a golden swirl capelet.
  • Spirited 2k11 Candy Cane Lantern - A candy lantern with a glowing ornament.

Event Items: DonatingEdit

These items were released as the donation meter filled. Though not all the event items were released one after the other, there were alchemy components, shop and housing items released in between.

  • Xmas 2k11 Event Ol' Pete's Sweater - One man's trash is another man's treasure.
  • Xmas 2k11 Event Festive Antlers - You couldn't fit another ornament on these antlers if you tried.
  • Xmas 2k11 Event Carl Slippers - I don't like the way they stare at me....
  • Xmas 2k11 Event Festive Spirit - You have so much Xmas spirit that you become one!

Event Items: SpecialEdit

Gaia ShopEdit

(The Treehouse)

  • Gary's Island Adventure - The tale of Gary, a man who went on an island adventure, and of that island adventure.
Formula 1: Gary's Island Adventure - Use this formula to craft Gary's Island Adventure!
Alchemy components: Broken Ornament (x10) / Candy Cane Powder (x10) / Cookie Crumbs (x10) / Fresh Nog (x10) / Pine Needles (x10) / Present Bow (x10) / Rudolph's Snot (x10) / Tinsel(x10) / 1,000 Gold
  • Silver Sable Coat - This sleek coat shimmers like frost and keeps you warm in the bitter cold night.
Formula 1: Silver Sable Coat - Use this formula to craft Silver Sable Coat!
Alchemy components: 12 Days of Gaia (x1 of each item) / Pine Needles (x5) / Present Bow (x2) / Candy Cane Powder (x1) / 1,500 Gold
  • Peppermint Stripe Apron - The smell of fresh baked cookies, and cakes fills the air as you are filled with holiday spirit in this decorative apron.
Formula 1: Peppermint Stripe Apron - Use this formula to craft Peppermint Stripe Apron!
Alchemy components:
Option 1: Sugarplum Jingle Brooch (x1) / Rocky Ranger BB Gun (x1) / Steaming Mug of Cocoa (x1) / Tiered Tinsel Dress (x1) / Fresh Nog (x1) / 500 Gold
Option 2: Gifted Giftwrap Hat (x1) / Sugarplum Jingle Brooch (x1) / Summon Gingerbread Fluff (x1) / Kitten Star Tree Topper (x1) / Rudolph's Snot (x1) / 500 Gold
Option 3: Mistletoe Headband (x1) / Perfect Present (x1) / Gilded Sleigh Skates (x1) / Frosted Holiday Cake (x1) / Cookie Crumbs (x1) / 500 Gold

Mini Event 12 Days of GaiaEdit

  • Day 12. Mistletoe Headband - C'mere and gimme a kiss! :D
  • Day 11. Sugarplum Jingle Brooch - Add a sweet jingle to your holiday best!
  • Day 10. Gifted Giftwrap Hat - Wouldn't you like to know what's inside...
  • Day 09. Frosted Holiday Cake - Red velvet cake with sweet frosting. Topped with cute sugary decorations!
  • Day 08: Steaming Mug of Cocoa - Sit back and relax with a warm mug of cocoa with extra whipped cream and extra peppermint sticks.
  • Day 07: Perfect Present - Just for you my darling! ^_~
  • Day 06: Rocky Ranger BB Gun - Be careful wheeeereee you pooiiint thaaaat.
  • Day 05: Sugarplum Jingle Hairpin - Add a sweet jingle to your holiday best!
  • Day 04: Summon Gingerbread Fluff- This crystal allows for a duplicate of a living creature or Animated to become sealed inside, and released on your beck and call. Intimately tied to you, your buddy will follow wherever you go.
  • Day 03: Gilded Sleigh Skates - These skates will make you fly on holiday spirit!
  • Day 02: Tiered Tinsel Dress - Sparkly tinsels!
  • Day 01: Kitten Star Tree Topper - Shine on you crazy kitten star you... / Happy Holidays!

Housing Items 32 Holiday OrnamentsEdit

These ornaments are Housing Items that were released during the event, they were gotten by clicking on a [NPC] Diedrich icon occupying staff profiles. Each ornaments description has a certain letter in bold, which eventually led to the grant of the last ornament by guessing scrambled the phrase. (See) Gaia Thread: Staff Ornaments (Complete List! Decoder finished!)

  • zimmay's Ornament - All bunnies go to Heaven. 1/32
  • shavostar's Ornament - umicornumicornumicornumicornumicornumicorntreeeee 2/32
  • Fayren Pickpocket's Ornament - Check and... mate. 3/32
  • Finni's Ornament - This sad little shark just really wanted some presents this year ;o; 4/32
  • gem2niki's Ornament - Add a little emoness to your decoration. 5/32
  • reirei's Ornament - Jolly little bull terrier~ 6/32
  • bandis77's Ornament - The Spirit of Giving, bottled up to keep all year round! 7/32
  • Gunmetalrose's Ornament - Let's have a night out on the town! 8/32
  • PRlSM's Ornament - A real burger with ideal mathematical dimensions. 9/32
  • Eldritch Zetallis's Ornament - It may be a bitter winter but remember you're half way out of the dark. 10/32
  • warrior_of_boognish's Ornament - I am the bone of my chainsaw... 11/32
  • L0cke's Ornament - *hyena laff* 12/32
  • Kichigai M's Ornament - A little elf skull with holly glued to the top .....Is it real or fake? 13/32
  • ethe's Ornament - This owl just wants to eat marshmallows... 14/32
  • Buki's Ornament - Buki's dapper little gremlin to deck your tree out with smile 15/32
  • Lowkei's Ornament - Thomkin's the sparrow wishes you happy holidays! 16/32
  • pepper-tea's Ornament - A tiny Reve for good luck! 17/32
  • reapersun's Ornament - Who the $%&# hung this on the tree?! 18/32
  • milkbun's Ornament - A little teapot~ 19/32
  • pyawakit's Ornament - always try making things a tad more colorful <3 20/32
  • codemonkey37179's Ornament - 01100101 01100101 01101011 00100000 01100101 01100101 01101011 00100000 01100101 01100101 01101011 00100001 21/32
  • Cashmere Cactus's Ornament - Ruin Christmas with this weird ornament! 22/32
  • CP's Ornament - A really well worn cap. 23/32
  • ania1899's Ornament - Can't call it Christmas without cute new snow globe! 24/32
  • Derlaine's Ornament - Squeegeewee uwee uwee! 25/32
  • Mishiri's Ornament - Mi so Jelly Fishy!!! 26/32
  • nemitan's Ornament - Don't let it eat the other ornaments! 27/32
  • Narumi Misuhara's Ornament - Swigfine's anti-bind fire red stapler ornament ...Do you have yours? 28/32
  • biglanky14's Ornament - roll cake ftw?! 29/32
  • Panagrammic's Ornament - Exploit not the Christmas season, lest ye face Panagrammic's wreath. 30/32
  • Lanzer's Ornament - ??? ???? ???? ?????? ???? ??? ??? (remove the spaces!) 31/32
  • Diedrich's Ornament - Did you know pine trees are very rich in vitamin c? 32/32

Event Items: OtherEdit

Components: AlchemyEdit

  • Broken Ornament - Cats and Christmas trees don't mix!
  • Candy Cane Powder - Goes great on cookies, cupcakes and peppermint lattes!
  • Cookie Crumbs - Crumbled Cookies... its the thought that counts!
  • Fresh Nog - A little too fresh....
  • Pine Needles - Your tree is shedding!!
  • Present Bow - The last piece of garnish for your gifts~
  • Rudolph's Snot - Rudolph caught a cold this year.
  • Tinsel - Sparkly metal strips!

Caroling QuotesEdit

What NPCs say when Gaians clicked to their shop to collect candy, presented Alphabetically.


  • Agatha: You look just darling in your winter finery! Care for a candy cane?
  • Becky: Thanks for stopping by, and keep spreading the cheer!
  • Bildeau: I am not programmed for joy, but I will simulate it while you sing.
  • Brennivin: Da zinging ist wunderborken, ja! Like silk panties in mine ears!
  • Cresento: What a nice X-mas carol! Keep caroling by visiting different shops and you might get a gift! (note:generic comment)
  • Carl: (Carl appears indifferent to your song but doesn't attempt to cause you any bodily harm.)
  • Edmund: Your rosy, chapped young faces bring joy to my heart.
  • Ian: That's some great singing. It pierces me to my semi-vampiric heart.
  • Josie: Thanks, that was great!
  • Liam: Awesome! But do you know any carols about babes?!
  • Mirai: Thanks for stopping by with a little holiday cheer!
  • Moira: Smells like Xmas spirit!
  • Natasha: Merry Xmas! It's always good to see the ancient art of caroling in action.
  • Nicolae: Good to see ya! I'm always in the mood for a rousing carol.
  • Old Man Logan: Ya wanna hear me sing? Well get ready, 'cause this will knock yer socks off!
  • Rina: So many great floral arrangements at Xmas! And even more baking!
  • Ruby: Just lovely! And your holiday outfit looks wonderful!
  • Sam: Happy holidays! I'm hoping I get a train-- and not a toy one!
  • Sasha: Yay, carolers! Sing the one about the good thing that happened!
  • Vanessa: I've always been a big fan of Santa's beard. A classic style.
  • The Wing Scouts: Spreading Xmas cheer is part of the Wing Scout credo!

Caroling too Quickly:

  • Agatha: I need a little break from caroling.
  • Becky: We're hanging mistletoe. Come back later.
  • Bildeau: My circuits are cooling, please return after some time has elapsed.
  • Brennivin: Ve are busy, many preparations for holiday time, ja?
  • Carl: (Carl is busy.)
  • Cresento: Oo, you need to take a little break from caroling! You'll be able to carol again in (# secs). (note:generic comment)
  • Edmund: Come back later, I've got an experimental Xmas cookie I need to try out.
  • Ian: Hang on a second, I've to mix up another batch of eggnog
  • Josie: Ooh, give me a minute, I've got some cookies that need to come out of the oven.
  • Liam: Come back in a minute, there's a gnarly wrestling match on.
  • Mirai: I've gotta feed some fish, stop by later.
  • Moira: Hang on, I need to go rock out for a minute to cleanse my caroling palate.
  • Natasha: Hang on, I'm giving this guy a sweet unicorn tat.
  • Nicolae: I'm trying not to attract too much attention. Come back later.
  • Old Man Logan: Gimme a minute bub, I'm needing a sit down.
  • Rina: I think there might have been some pine cones in my last cookie... try me again later.
  • Ruby: Try us again later-- caroling gets Peyo really worked up.
  • Sam: Nomnomnom, too busy eating cookies right now...
  • Sasha: Oh nerds, I'm all out of cookies for you. I'll be back in just a minute...
  • Vanessa: Back already? I need a breather.
  • The Wing Scouts: We got too excited and broke an ornament. Come back later-- we're busy gluing it together.

Caroling Complete:

Looks like you've been singing all day! Find Santa on the world map for a special reward.

Caroling Phrases: Santa Claus:

What NPC Santa Claus would say when Gaians and found him on the World Map.

0/19 or half done

  • Santa: HO HO HO, that's the spirit! Keep working at it and come back when you've got more Xmas cheer! (you need:19)

19/19 Carols sung

  • Santa: HO HO HO, I see you've been very nice this year! Here is a gift to warm your spirits!
    MERRY XMAS! (Spirited item)


  • Santa: Ho ho ho ho ho!! Always on the move I am, busy busy busy!
    Try looking for me again at my next stop! Hooo ho hoo...

All items collected

  • Santa: Ho ho ho! MERRY XMAS!!

Criticism & ComplimentsEdit


Glitches & ProblemsEdit

As no event on Gaia has ever gone on without glitches, Here is the "event" event Glitches.

Glitches: Site & ForumEdit

These are likely intentional server delays.

  • After donating an item, the item is removed from the users inventory as intended. However, when attempting to donate another item, the previously donated item's image would still remain and be clickable but would result in an 'error' stating that the item was not able to be donated. Clicking on the 'Back to inventory' link yielded no results, the 'Back to event page' link and 'X button' was the only option.
  • In the donation module the 'next page' button arrows were not functioning properly. Clicking these arrows is meant to display the next page of items in the inventory.
  • Newly acquired items would not appear in the donation module until an hour or more after purchase. This delay was noted in the Forum "How to Play" announcement.

Glitches: Gaia TownsEdit

  • Some users have reported being unable to receive an item after filling up the "cheer" meter.

Dev AlertsEdit

  • Dec 23

Event Updates

Hey guys, some general updates

Decreased item donation -> grant threshold from where it was to half.
Decreased gold donation -> grant threshold from where it was to more than half.
Decreased wait time from 30 to 15 seconds

Decreased number of trees in random item rotation so the alchemy components have a much
higher chance of being granted.

Additional changes may follow but at least for the weekend this is probably how things will remain.

Keep an eye on this thread, I'll be posting any further event updates here.

  • Dec 30, 2011

Event has ended

Hey everyone, the Xmas event has ended, thanks for participating!
The following is a timeline of when things will be taken down:

  • Wing Sticker: 12/30/2011 23:59 PST
  • Site event header & link: 01/01/2012 23:59 PST
  • Caroling in shops and towns: 01/01/2012 23:59 PST
  • Xmas event page: 01/05/2012 23:59 PST
  • Forum header and background: 01/05/2012 23:59 PST

Once the site header and link are down you can reach the event page by clicking here or by going to the Xmas forum and clicking the link in the forum header there.

For those interested I'll post misc. stats on the event in my journal at a later time.

  • All times subject to change at our discretion.


  • This year's Spirited items are primarily Red & Gold, which brings red back into the caroling set for the first time since 2008. In 2009, Spirited items were Green & White, based on the Casimir Tree. 2010 featured a set of white "snowflake" items (with blue shading). The 2003, 2004 and 2007 sets were entirely red and white. Red and white dominated the sets in 2005, 2006, and 2008, although other colors were used for some items.
  • For this event caroling functioned similar to Christmas of 2003 and 2004 with Jack during Halloween. It required Gaians to carol from shops and then use the World Map to find Santa Claus and then receive an item.
  • This is the first event to release an Evolving Item; the item Gary's Island Adventure, was mentioned by Old Pete during a November 2007 EI Report, however, it wasn't a real item at that point.
  • The last holiday ornament was obtained by following the grant "did you know gaiaonline luvs you all".


Gallery: NPCs in Holiday clothingEdit

Gallery NPC: Christmas 2k11

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Xmas 2011 header
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Whats hot module, The Carol of Old Pete
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