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Choco-Cola is a fictional product used as a sponsor example for Gaia Online's media kit. The set up of this kit would eventually be the base for future sponsorships and advertisements on Gaia.


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In November 2005 a few Gaians found Gaia's Media kit Page, a page which was intended to be viewed by companies/websites who would potentially want to advertise on Gaia Online by banner-ads and various other methods. It appears that after some time the staff decided to take the page down, however, the images from the page remained on the server. [1] [2]

The reaction to the media kit was largely negative, as Gaians felt they were going to be used as walking billboards for advertisements. Though there were those who understood that with a growing user base and the growing cost of maintaining the website, that integrated advertisement was inevitable.

Gaia Online Media KitEdit


  • Gaia Online's first sponsorship was The Last Mimzy in March 2007.
  • In The Faktori, there is a furniture item called 'Vending Machine'. The description states: "Invented by Elftech 404, Choco Cola tastes great! Yeah!". [3] ElfTech404 was an Map:S CORP Technician.
  • The Vending Machine can be seen outside of the Eccitare club in the Virtual Hollywood hangout. (see) Choco-Cola vending machine.
  • When the page was removed and explained to Gaians the staff tried to make due with banner ads only. But eventually the ideas from the media kit came to fruition gradually as the years passed. This method of promotion has become popular with many websites looking to create integrated advertisements. [4]
  • Although the history of this media kit is obscure to the majority of the Gaian population, Choco-Cola has been mentioned around the forums by Gaians who are aware of it, and it is a bit of a running gag.

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