Chess Sets allow the wearer to dress up as the various pieces from the game of Chess. The items come with a small selection of poses available in black or white. They are purchasable only with Gaia Cash or from other users via trades or the Marketplace.

Following Gaians' requests to be able to play life-sized (in Gaian terms) chess, giant chessboards were added to Gaia Towns.

La VictoireEdit

  • Devoted Pawn: They may seem like shrimps, but a lowly Pawn could be the key to victory. Though they start out weak, their driving ambition to become royalty gives them the strength to plow ahead. (49 Cash)
  • Exalted Rook: These brick behemoths plow through everything in their path. Considered one of the more valuable warriors on the board. (99 Cash)
  • Valiant Knight: Known for their tricky maneuvers and unexpected attacks, Knights fiercely defend their sovereigns. Featuring a distinctive horse head helm and a mighty lance. (149 Cash)
  • Immaculate Bishop: Though they might look pious, these holy warriors know how to kick some butt when their monarchs require it. Their sneaky diagonal moves let them move between pieces and catch enemies off guard. (99 Cash)
  • Imperial Queen: Chess may be all about defending the King, but we all know who the true master is. The Queen ruthlessly controls the board by basically doing whatever the hell she wants. (199 Cash)
  • Majestic King: The big cheese. He may hide behind his lines of defense, but he can be wily and deadly when cornered. This set includes a crown and a scepter (of course). (149 Cash)

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