Cheer Engine  n. ([Cheer] [tangk])

  1. A combination of the terms to build up sprites for a container.


The Cheer Engine (also called Cheer Tank) is an engine that is powder by happiness and holiday cheer. Gaians donated items to help fill the Cheer Engine with the gooey ectoplasm of holiday joy! Everyone who chipped in an item received a special gift when the tank was full.


The Cheer Engine was first seen in the manga 40 Fallen Gods, with Nicolae stealing it from Santa's sleigh and telling The Overseer that he won it in a poker game. The engine was used fully in the Christmas 2k9 event, since it was the main source of power for The Overseer's airship.

The Cheer Engine happily responds to those who gather up items to give to it, and in return it will gave out Gingerbread Men. The Overseer also made a doll based on the engines image, called Xmas 2k9 Overseer's Makeshift Red Engine Doll.


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