1. abbreviated as CB'd

Chatterbox'd on Gaia

In terms, it means having a thread moved to the Chatterbox forum due to it either being spam or low-content in the previous forum, according to the stickied rules and Moderator decision.

Users do a number of things to prevent their topics from being sent to the Chatterbox. They either try to flesh out the purpose of their topic and leave an open discussion so others can expand on it, or they give a little rule in the opening post that tells others to stay on topic.

A number of things can cause a thread to be CB'd, besides not fitting the contents of a said forum. For example: Thread Derailment, Flame War, or unintentionally going Off Topic. At times a thread is moved due to it being Low-Content, meaning there was not enough subject for people to respond to, so they instead gave very short replies.

Some Users consider a thread being sent to the Chatterbox a death sentence (in a metaphoric sense), since it means their thread will be lost to the hundreds of other threads that get bumped up rather quickly, as the Chatterbox forum is known to be one of the fastest moving forums on Gaia. And at times a moved thread is taken over by some Users who are use to the way the Chatterbox works, so it can become overrun with spam.


Some example phrases about Chatterbox'd

  • "My thread got CB'd"
  • "Stay on topic guys, I don't want want this thread getting CB'd"
  • "I got box'd" (box'd being another short term for Chatterbox'd)
  • "Soundblast CB'd my thread!! D:"

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