The Chatterbox is a forum created on February 21 2003 to contain behavior that sprung from Gaia's capitalistic nature, specifically, from users posting nonsense to gain gold. It is a refuge for pure spam threads such as 'bump to 1000 pages,' word games, contests, light roleplaying, questionnaires, and anything else that doesn't break the Gaia TOS.

It is suspected that much goes on that does break the ToS, but goes unreprimanded do to the vast number of threads and false alarms to hide among. For example, a thread titled "gals chained to walls, guys kiss" or "Guys locked in a haunted house with girl vamps!!!" does not necessarily break the PG13 rules, and depending on the actual content and the control the thread owner exercises, could be perfectly legal.

Unique to the chatterbox, the thread creator has complete control over his/her thread, and is capable of deleting others' posts within it.

The Chatterbox is also home to many "hangout threads," where the owners usually spam and just talk to friends.

The Chatterbox is usually avoided by older users; users that are no longer using Gaia for pure gold gain. The mostly immature content is considered a waste of time.

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