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A Chance Item (CI) is a Premium Item which when used generate a random prized item, sometimes a game will have to be played in order to earn the item inside the container. The Magical Gift boxes and Trunks were the first ever Chance Items on Gaia and would show up at any given time. Up to this point they have not been updated with new items.

When the La Victoire's cash shop based Chance Items were released they were met with a mix of positive and negative reactions; because although they give exclusive quality prizes there is also a high chance of failure as one moves to another level or upon opening the container. And often these items contain long requested suggestions, so the said item(s) is not easy to get due to chance, rarity, and what is viewed as Marketplace inflation.

The Cash Shop Chance Items have shown a pattern of being introduced with: Colorful banners, Mini-comics, a separate page, original characters and concluding Mini-comics. The various images that come with the item can be found in Gaia Community Discussion or Gaia Guides and Resources forum by searching the thread topics.

Advanced Chance are Chance Item bundles released near the end of a previous CI's removal. Purchasing an Advance Chance gives the opportunity to possibly obtain next months exclusive items hours before its release to the general public.

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  • Chance Items have a rainbow sparkle Premium sparkle CI-RIG
  • The items continue to be called Random Item Generator (RIG) by some, unofficially.

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  • Icon announceAnnouncement Poseidon's Legacy is leaving the Cash Shop soon! - - This announcement officially dubbed the monthly item as CIs.
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