Centaurs are a race of creatures composed of part human and part horse.

On Gaia, Centaurs were introduced with the arrival of 2008 Olympics, they reside near Map:Barton Town and Map:Bass'ken Lake. Gaians can transform into a Centaur after consuming a Centaur Potion.


Creature centaur2k8

Gaians were first introduced to centaurs in the manga #25: Cat Fish, with Old Man Logan sitting on the dock and fishing and sitting on a pile of fish ready to catch more. Soon a large centaur male stood behind him and angrily told him about how he and Gaians have a complete disregard for the ecosystem, that they were a simple folk, who protected the environment with impenetrable bureaucracy and that the lake would be closed off until a fine of nine million gold was paid.

An idea was formed to request that the centaurs join Team Barton and try to win medals to pay off the fine.

Notable CentaurEdit

  • Aurora - A swift centaur warrior who loves the thrill of the chase and a swift kill. Her elegance and skill are unmatched among her people, as is her arrogance.
  • Sunukkuhkau - A fierce centaur warrior with thunderous hoofsteps and a burning passion for war. He's definitely lacking in subtlety, so just point him in the right direction, and stand back.


  • According to Fleep, due to the popularity of the skins, there were potions released that allowed users to turn into dark elves and a zombie. These potions were released on November 6th.

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