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Celebrity Snare arrived in August / September of 2008, with Prakash Singh doing the announcement. This program allows Gaians to purchase virtual items relating to famous celebrities, Gaia made this possible by collaborating with Virtual Greats[1]. Virtual Greats is the first company to create a platform to bring high-value, copyrighted material into virtual worlds and social networks. They are the world’s leading virtual goods sales and distribution system, connecting celebrities, artists and content creators with a new generation of fans through the online trade of likenesses, fashion, catchphrases, and other virtual representations of real-world talent.

The Celebrity Snare VenturesEdit

These are copies of Prakash's daring thievery and stalking documented studies.

Celebrities SnaredEdit


When the Justin Timberlake items were released, there was a preview of a avatar standing with a gift box, in this box was (what appeared to be) a white duck. Gaians who were able to catch this announcement - quickly made post in the SF and GCD, some found it hilarious and unofficially dubbed the item Duck in a Box, while others found it tasteless and also criticized Gaia about their rules and hypocrisy. On September 6, 2011 the item returned as a potential prize for Gaia Item Alchemy.[6]

The item was meant to parody the SNL skit D***k in a Box, the announcement containing the image was taken down a replaced with a new image excluding the parody.

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