Casimir Tree is an item featured in Gaia Online events.


The term, Casimir, is a "proclaimer of peace," from kazać "to preach" + mir "peace".[1]

General usageEdit

Introduced in December 2009 and mentioned by name in manga 43 A New Man on May 7, 2010, the Casimir Tree is what keeps airships afloat, this species of tree has interesting properties and are described as being from the old world.

Casimir Tree explainedEdit

In the manga, Brennivin tried to explain the trees to Gino Gambino, but Gino could only understand half of what Brennivin was saying. Although the origin of these trees fascinated Gino, they were of no interest to the The Overseer and The Sentinel, who previously held the status of ancient Demigods and likely had seen more interesting things besides magical trees.

In August during Summer 2k10, manga update 46 An Old Friend's Duty, further expands on the properties of the Casimir species, reveling that the seed pods of the trees can be used to temporarily fuel airships, the filling of the seed was referred to as Casimir Matter. They were collected by Edmund who planned to gather enough of these seeds to fuel airships to help an old demigod, a large creature that was set on fire by vampires who attacked in bat form. The creature depended on Casimir Trees to keep it afloat as well as survive.



  • Gino wrote about this in his journal and drew two trees (seen right); this spurred Gaians in the Gaia Community Discussion forum to draw their own trees and airships.
  • During the Christmas 2k9 event, Gaians were able to collect articles of clothing done in theme to the Casimir that Brennivin previously owned.
  • According to wiktionary, Casimir is a male name of Slavonic origin, meaning "proclamation of peace".
  • Casimir is an English, French and Latin form of the Polish name Kazimierz, derived from the Slavic elements: kazić "to destroy" and mir "peace, prestige, world"
  • While trying to discover more about the word 'casimir', Gaians came up with theories as to what the trees properties relate too. The article Casimir effect describes it as a manifestation of a force between objects, and either an attraction or a repulsion depending on the specific arrangement of the two plates.
  • Theoretical physicists have discovered a previously unknown method of levitating small objects by manipulating so-called Casimir force and looking into the Reverse Casimir Effect.



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