On the Gaiapedia, a Cash Shop Item will refer to Premium Items that are available from a Cash Shop. While this title has primarily been associated with the La Victoire, the term is also being applied to other shops where Gaia Cash is the accepted currency.

Types of ItemsEdit

  • Map:La Victoire - a shop created in 2007. This is where a majority of original items are stocked.
  • Map:Mecha Neko - a shop created in 2012. This shop was originally for Sponsorship premium items. It later changed to a shop that holds cosplay-like items.
  • Map:Club Verge - a shop created in 2013. This is a shop that required a specific amount of Gaia Cash spent to join in order to view it. It specialized in a few originals and recolors.
  • Map:Rococo - a shop created in 2014. This is a shop that specifies in recolors and a few originals.