The first Car Item Contest was announced on January 23 2008, and Gaians had five weeks to come up with a design for a new car item for use in Gaia Rally and submit it. There would be three winners, and each would receive 200,000 Gold.


Car Item Contest Jan 2k8 winners banner

Winners were announced on March 7 2008. The contest differed from previous item design contests, as Gaians could not decide from a group which ones would win; instead Gaia staff chose the three winners:

  • Cardboard Full Decal: Reiji Maeda submitted this item in the Scion Item Contest. Nice work! Designed by Reiji Maeda.
  • Hot Rod Exhaust: Corrupted Hunter created this winning entry for the Scion Item Contest. Designed by Corrupted Hunter.
  • Heart Antenna Ball: Based on sazupupu's winning entry to the Scion Item Contest. Designed by sazupupu.
  • Hearts Full Decal: A full heart decal, inspired by sazupupu's entry in the Scion Item Contest.

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