Byproduct 2113 is an item featured in Gaia Online events. It is a byproduct, which means it is the result of another action, often unforeseen or unintended.[1]


The chemical 'Byproduct 2113' is a waste product created by the corporation OMNIDRINK. This chemical was disposed of carelessly by being dumped in a graveyard.

Byproduct 2113 explainedEdit

Mentioned in manga 47 Grave Danger! Origins, during the Halloween 2k10 event a chemical engineer, Michael J. Drink, uncovered a side effect of of Byproduct 2113. Instead of draining harmlessly into the ground, it formed a sub-soil barrier impenetrable to the souls of the dead. Those buried in the graveyard were trapped in the private hell of their slowly rotting corpse.

When Michael presented his findings to the OmniDrink board, assuming they would share his horror and stop dumping. His own father, William F. Drink, only laughed. Michael quit in disgust and worked tirelessly to create an antidote of Byproduct 2113. However, upon discovering an antidote and spraying the contaminated areas, Micheal had not taken into account the psychological effects that years of confinement the spirits were subjected to.

On November 3rd, Michael discovered a breakthrough with a new compound by partially reversing the warping effects of Byproduct 2113. In addition, it was possible to exercise some effect on the direction the defeated ghosts take as they are set free from Byproduct 2113. He then asked Gaians what fate should befall the ghost.



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