A Bundle is a Premium Item that contains an assortment of items inside a single container. Bundles allow the owning a variety of items priced a few Cash lower than what they would be if bought individually. They are primarily stocked in the La Victoire cash shop.

Types of ContainersEdit

  • General Bundles - Will be known as the primary bundle container on the Gaiapedia item lists. These bundles could contain up to 4 to 6 items related by design, theme, or color. Sometimes there is an exclusive (aka. bonus) item that can only be obtained by purchase of the whole bundle.
  • Chance Item Bundle (# Pack) - These bundles are released with the single Chance Item. In relation to this are the 'Advance Chance' containers.
  • Evolving Item Bundle - These bundles contain past Evolving Items and Rapid Evolving Items that have since completed evolution and no longer available in the cash shop. Others types include recolors of past evolved items.
  • Monthly Collectible Bundle - These bundles relate to the monthly related items called Monthly Collectibles. Depending on the release, they could be letter, direct item, or recolors. They are fairly new to Gaia, dating from December 2013. (See also) Monthly Collectible Bundle, which is specifically about the current Sealed Letter for the month.
  • Animated Item Bundle - These bundles contain a variety of Animated Items.
  • Aquarium Bundle - These bundles contain Aquarium based items, such as fish and tank accessories. The first set of bundles were for aquariums and released in December 2008.
  • Limited Chance Item Bundles - These are Limited Quantity Items available for a limited time and quantities. They contain certain amount of sub-chance items and exclusive recolors.

Misc. typesEdit

  • Housing Bundle - These are exclusive to the 'Housing' feature. They contain a themed set of furniture and accessories to decorate a home.
  • zOMG Bundle - These bundles were released for Gaia Online's MMO zOMG!. They contain power-ups, original items, and loot.
  • Alchemy Bundle - These bundles are are exclusive to the Alchemy feature. They contain special formulas, components, and experience points.
  • Event Bundle - These relate to whatever current holiday event is happening. They could be specific to level gaining while participating in battles or simply contain event items along with exclusives that could not be gotten for free during the events.


  • Bundle sparkles will vary depending on its classification of the mentioned types.

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