This is a list of quotes by Brennivin.

Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Brennivin

  • Gott kvold!
  • Velkominn to Dernier Cri! Request to short girl or rabbit for assistance. Takk fyrir!
  • In many activity I am well experienced. Not so much the english.
  • I make many merchandise in Dernier Cri manual, so only available short days. Hope you enjoy!
  • Sometime Gaian can walk off cliff to bespelled flying store! Other times, we go to other place, and Gaian should not walk off cliff. Is not magic.
  • (Username)! Your outfits! Svalr!

Event quotesEdit


  • What is to be going? We make return to Hallow's Day but everyone wearing same búningur? Not creative!
  • Father forbid pastille day when I growing up... I say "Trick and treat!" one time and he turn me to silverwares. Like TEN silverwares. It suck.


  • Giving is good for spirit. Give little gifts, help funny clam man fly.
  • Silly little god peoples try so hard! Warms heart like good brauo!
  • Sen dresses so slettur, ja? Overseer... more like nutcracker man from ocean?

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