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Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Bludeau

2005 Faktori
  • Welcome, (Username)! It is nice to see you again.
  • A fatal exception 10113 has occurred at 1774:438127. The current application will be terminated.
  • If I only had a heart...
  • *clang clang*
  • Bots cannot feel emotions...but...why do my internal circuits hurt so much?
  • My internal clock races when you are near.
  • I ... l...o...v...e...y...o...u...010011101001101110
  • Please give me a hug. I promise not to crush you like the last customer.
  • What is this thing humans call LOVE? Cannot compute....cannot compute...

Housing Commission quotesEdit

  • Welcome to the Housing Commission. / I see you've never been here before. The first thing you need to do is select a Home style. Please select a style from the choices below. / For more information about Gaia Homes, please read the FAQ.[1]
  • Great choice! Your home has been remodeled with the style you selected. To place your home on the map, you can either choose a plot in towns or let us choose for you. Select an option below to continue.
  • In Towns, click on a Vacancy sign to place your home. If you can't find any vacancies, click "I'll Place My Home" to try again.Use the Directory to navigate Towns. / [Take me to Towns]
    • I will now automatically put your Home into Towns in the next available plot. If you'd like to move your home in the future, you'll need to pay 1,000 gold to relocate.Please click Confirm to let me pick your plot, or hit Cancel if you don't want me to. / [Confirm] [Cancel]
    • Congratulations! Your Home now has a plot in towns. You can follow the link below to enter your Home now. You can also customize your Home with the Arranger or shop for furniture at The Faktori.
  • Loading Towns in another window... if the Town does not automatically open, then click Load Towns.[2] If you cannot find a vacant spot, come back here and click "I'll Place My Home" again.
  • Loading Home in another window... if the Home does not automatically open, then click Load This Home.[3]

Side options

  • Your Home is ready to be placed in Towns. You can place your Home now, or let me automatically pick the next available plot.
  • Upgrading your Home increases the SIZE of your Home, so you can place more furniture and fit more FRIENDS in. Upgrading costs 10,000 gold for one size up, and 15,000 for the largest size. Pick the size that you'd like to upgrade to: [Medium] [Large] [Cancel]
  • Sorry, you do not have enough gold to complete this transaction.
  • Changing your Home Style costs 500 gold. Please choose one of the styles below.
  • Great choice! Your home has been remodeled with the style you selected.

Returning w/ home no plot

  • Welcome to the Housing Commission. / You have selected a home, but you don't yet have a plot in Towns. Would you like me to pick the next available plot, or would you like to go into towns and pick a plot yourself? Once you select a plot, you'll need to pay 1,000 gold in order to move.

Returning w/ home

  • Welcome to the Housing Commission. / How can I help you today? Have you customized your Home yet? Click "Buy Furniture" to get more stuff. Click "Design My Home" to customize your Home.
  • To relocate your home, you first need to lift your plot. Then, you can go in to Towns and select a new plot. Relocation costs 1,000 gold. Click Confirm to relocate or Cancel. / Confirm Cancel
  • Your Home has been removed from towns. You can now go into towns and select a new plot for it, or I can automatically choose a plot for you. / You might end up with the same plot if you let me do it automatically, so you should probably go in to towns and choose yourself.

Generic notice

  • Please wait one moment...

Other quotesEdit

2013 Towns2
  • Welcome. Please deposit human friendship.
  • Alas my programming forbids me from requesting hugs (there was a lawsuit).
  • Towns have been upgraded... but there's no way to upgrade my heart.
  • Please invite me into your home. I can fit through most standard doors.
  • Love is too complicated an emotion for my programming to process. Luckily, I CAN feel loneliness.


  1. former link
  2. generic former link
  3. Former link to user's home

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