Beverage: Buttercup CafeEdit

Ahhh... (1200 gold)

  • Hot Cuppa Earl Grey Tea
  • Hot Cuppa Chamomile Tea
  • Hot Cuppa Coffee
  • Hot Cuppa Cocoa
  • Hot Cuppa Sweet Matcha
  • Hot Cuppa Green Tea
  • Hot Cuppa Rosehip Tea

Come try the chewy bubbles. (1620 gold)

  • Red Bean Bubble Tea
  • Mango Bubble Tea
  • Matcha Green Bubble Tea

Refreshing, yet somehow extremely invigorating... (1620 gold)

  • Black Iced Coffee
  • Creamy Iced Coffee
  • Raspberry Iced Tea

A poolside favorite. (1800 gold)

  • Papaya Passionfruit Tropical Drinkie
  • Mango Guava Tropical Drinkie
  • Kiwi Lime Tropical Drinkie
  • Azureberry Punch Tropical Drinkie - A poolside favorite. What's an azureberry?

Tall, classy and decorated with a bow, this glass is perfect for toasting. (1500 gold)

  • Champagne Glass
  • Pink Champagne Glass
  • Champagne Bottle - A classic way to toast practically any occasion! (1680 gold)

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