In Demonbusters, two cults are clashing in a violent struggle to decide the fate of the world. Before you start playing, you'll need to figure out which side you want to fight for.

B.O.O. is the name for a Group of Followers who chose to side with The Overseer for the Halloween 2k9: Demonbusters event. B.O.O. is an acronym meaning: Benevolent Order of the Overseer.

After a long and grueling conflict, the Infernal Nation triumphed, leaving the Benevolent Order in disarray.


In an earlier time, two beings agreed to use their power to help the world.

They worked well together, and balanced out each other... until one day, they stumbled upon a small earthworm. They both wanted to give the worm certain traits based upon their personal preferences, yet they found themselves disagreeing and soon arguing.

In a clash with the demigod of S.I.N., the complimentary nature of their powers prevented either one from gaining the upper hand on the argument.

About B.O.O.Edit


  • Oct 16

The forces of darkness are already amassing in secret, and The Benevolent Order is committed to protecting Gaia from the looming threat of annihilation.

Your support may mean the difference between life and death.


  • Oct 22

The forces of darkness are already amassing in secret, and The Benevolent Order is committed to protecting Gaia from the looming threat of annihilation.

Our ancient order dedicates itself to honoring the Righteous One by promoting his virtues and protecting Gaia from his enemies. As a member of the Benevolent Order, you'll be expected to live by the following code:

- Comport yourself with dignity and patience
- Protect those weaker than you
- Enjoy a lifelong pursuit of wisdom
- Guard Gaia against all demonic threats

Though we are largely a peaceful organization, our scriptures indicate that we will soon be called upon to take up arms against a dire threat. Please consider pledging your devotion to our cause.


  • The title of B.O.O.'s friendlist is "Believers".
  • The demigod of B.O.O. is older and prefers to calculate situations.
  • The demigod of B.O.O. was locked in a strong shell, and found a form of peace.
  • When it comes to the consolation prize; this is the replacement skin for the Followers if their side lost the battle, therefore the Demigod's Gift is no longer accessible. Note that the skin resembles the texture of a potato, this is a joke reference to the death of Bruce Hardcastle (who died by potato inhalation) and likely the combination of "Potato" and "Skin". It is unknown what the name for the skin would've been called if S.I.N. had lost.


Npc TheOverseer 2009
O Righteous One
Pm npc BOO
PM from B.O.O.
Pm npc BandS
Inbox with PM from B.O.O. and S.I.N.
Book1 of BandS
Book of B.O.O. and S.I.N.
H2k9 battlefield finalday noweps
Cult Headquarters; The Benevolent Order HQ
H2k9 battlefield finalday
Notable Weaponry; Spear of the Overseer
H2K9 OverseersGift
The Overseer's Gift, the form given to B.O.O. Followers.
H2k9 Potatoverseer
The Potatoverseer, Consolation prize for B.O.O. Followers.
H2k9 overseer items
Overseer items
H2k9 requirements boos

NPC FollowersEdit

Npc becky oct
Npc devin oct
Npc ian oct
Damian "Ian" Von Helson
Npc josie oct
Npc liam oct
Npc logan oct
Old Man Logan
Npc louie oct
Louie Von Helson
Npc mirai oct
Npc peyo oct
Npc ruby oct
Npc rufus oct
Rufus the Cat
Npc sam oct

Gaian reactionEdit

There were many speculations and leaks in the GCD, and both B.O.O. and S.I.N. gathered Gaians who requested their friendship. See B.O.O. & S.I.N. - Speculations Gone Wild!

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