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The current image of Bass'ken Lake

Bass'ken Lake is the easiest fishing spot on Gaia Online, but is mainly full of guppies and junk. It is located just north of Barton Town. The Ole Fishing Hole is located here, along with the Exchange Fish.

Residents of Bass'ken LakeEdit


  • The Ole Fishing Hole - This is the place to purchase rods and bait, and exchange fish for exclusive items.

Other Points Of InterestEdit

  • Lighthouse - Turns on every night to light the lake for fishers.
  • Old lumber mill - Located on the North-West side of the lake, but has been closed for some time.

Guide to GaiaEdit

Bass'ken Lake is on page 20 of the Guide to Gaia, located on the World main page.

Just south of the Port of Gambino you will find one of Gaia's most popular destinations: Bass'ken Lake. Renowned for its great fishing, the Bass'ken Lake area is an idyllic getaway for anyone looking to unwind. Be sure to visit the Ole Fishing Hole and say hello to Old Man Logan, the lake's most famous resident.


Although the world map has always displayed Bass'ken Lake as a closed-off pool of water, zOMG! shows the lake feeding "Upward Creek" that heads towards the forest in the South-West.


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Bass'ken Lake

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