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Avatar Cards are personalized Cash Cards that are made to order; customization of the cards include placement of a Gaia avatar, a username, and background graphics.



The cards function similar to reloadable prepaid cards, able to be refilled for Gaia Cash. The cards redeemable at 7-Eleven locations and online. However, on May 9, 2013 it was announced that the feature and ability to get cards would be removed from the site on June 1st, a developer stated that since there wasn't much hype for it it would be best to remove feature that get underused.[1]


  1. Select [your] Card Type
    1. Input the username of a Gaia Online User
    2. or Order non-customized card
  2. Pick a background
  3. Pick a Value. Can be requested as a gift
    1. $0.00 in G Cash
    2. $24.99 in G Cash Free Shipping
    3. $49.99 in G Cash Free Shipping
    4. $74.99 in G Cash Free Shipping
    5. $99.99 in G Cash Free Shipping
  4. Enter recipient shipping info. E-mail address used only for order tracking

Shipping Method:Edit

  • First Class Mail. $2.99 S&H
  • UPS 2 Day. $16.10 S&H
  • UPS Overnight. $23.10 S&H


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Custom Card order form

  • For the duration of December shipping was free.
  • On December 13th a few Gaians received a Private Message from [NPC] admin; the PM was a notice that they would receive a free Avatar Card for the promotional period. The availability of the card lasted to January 1st and came with 250 free Gaia Cash.
  • On February 21st, Avatar Cards became more widely available outside of the USA.
  • On April 18th, the option to create a high gloss card became available for those who don't want to wait for the ordered version. By loading the self printed Cash Card with $10 or more before May 31st 2012, Gaia would mail one free of charge.


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PM about free Avatar Card

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